Crochet At Cama 2011 – Second Day!

Time for another photo update for our second day at Cama Beach Crochet Retreat 2011!


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5 responses to “Crochet At Cama 2011 – Second Day!

  1. Monica

    Found the CHEAT right away….naughty hookers!
    Love the pix…although I’d also love photoshop, looking at all my chins, LOL!!!!! Naw, it’s all good, we’re an awesome group of hookers.
    Jimbo sure looks happy in all his pictures, but then, who wouldn’t in his shoes? 😉

  2. jimbo

    Can’t seem to get this silly grin off my face. People back home are starting to talk……..

  3. I love Dippy. Such a nice sweet story. i am glad you got away, and enjoyed yourself. Miss you very much. Happy 40th.

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