Crochet Skills ≈ Heart Surgery ≈ Life

How Crochet Literally Has Saved Lives

(aka Brilliant People Crochet)

Did you notice the recent news story about the heart surgeon who credits CROCHET and a SEWING CLASS for his surgery skills?

“Dr. W. Dudley Johnson… pioneered and popularized lifesaving cardiac bypass surgery and was considered a healer of last resort for heart patients around the world…. He applied the crocheting skills he had learned from his mother, who was a home economics teacher, and the needlecraft he was taught in a seventh-grade sewing class (he got an A), to perform more than 8,500 heart bypass operations over four decades.” – NY Times, October 30th, 2016.

Unfortunately Dr. Johnson died last week, but his inspiration and legacy live on. Thanks to his mom, and #crochet.

Told ya we can rule the world…

(Check out the full story about this amazing man’s life here:

thread-crochet-hook - tools of a heart surgeon







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2 responses to “Crochet Skills ≈ Heart Surgery ≈ Life

  1. Visiting from NaBloPoMo. I crochet and found this post fascinating. i was expecting from the title to learn how crochet helps heart patients recover, but never imagined it was part of the surgery! Amazing.

  2. Reblogged this on storyline creations and commented:
    Thanks Aberrant Crochet for this wonderful story.

    We are hearing more and more about the mental health benefits of crochet and knitting. Interesting to see this angle as well.

    While I have your attention, I’m been madly working on a trunk show for the Dayton Visual Arts Center as part of their Holiday on Ice gift gallery. Crocheted items will include hats, scarves and shrugs. I’ve been experimenting with color, texture and surface embellishments. Something different for me! While this commitment has been exciting, scary and panic-inducing, I’m on the home stretch.

    Meantime, check out Aberrant Crochet’s other blog posts and keep on pushing the boundaries of crochet.

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