Simply Twisted Poetry – A Fiber Love Affair… Contest!

The Crochet Me Blog announced a fiber related Haiku contest yesterday. The contest itself is actually sponsored by their sister publication Weaving Today, but looks like even crocheters can jump in and enjoy the fun.

The prize? Not only a chance for your haiku to be published in their magazine, but some luscious Bijou Basin yarn as well! Which is a yak yarn, btw. Um, yeah, I’d love to sink my hook into some of that. And I’m sure you would too, so I imagine the competition will be steep! And in either case, you know this contest will be a load of fun! If only we could win all the yarns, right…..?

Not much of a poet? Need to brush up on your haiku skills? No worries, you have until October 15th to enter up to two weaving or fiber related haiku for the win. Check out the links above for more details on the contest.

In the mean time, I’ll be practicing some of mine over the next few weeks. Feel free to share your fiber haiku creations, complete with links to your website if you have one, in the comments below! After all, I’d sure like to tweet about them and share! So hook me up!

hook slides into place

wrapped in bittersweet fiber
I am at peace once again

silly alpaca
your fleece a silky wonder
luscious clothes I make

by Julia Meek Chambers



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4 responses to “Simply Twisted Poetry – A Fiber Love Affair… Contest!

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