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The Pirate Skull Cameos Are All Gone! Here’s What I Worked On Today!

Today was the last day of East Austin Studio Tour and the last of the pirate cameos found new homes!  I haven’t found another source for the “Guns and Roses” style in the color I had.  I’ll see what I can find do to find some more.

Here’s the piece I was working on today.  Again with my tiniest antique crochet hook!



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Tech Idea Thursday: Cure For Green Garbled Flash Videos

This is the story about a garbled video and finding its cure.  If Google sent you over here, I’m guessing you’re having some video trouble.  Does this screen shot look familiar?  If so, you’re in the right place for a solution.

You know how I love steam punk and Halloween and this is one of the coolest masks ever! Photo courtesy of Pamela Quevedo, aka @TotusMel on Twitter and the writer behind http://totusmel.blogspot.com. Click the photo above to check out her designs!


I follow @TotusMel  on Twitter.  Her tatting work is amongst the best I’ve ever seen and a lot of it is nicely steam punky.  I’m not as involved with the steam punk scene as I’d like to be, and I don’t create as much steam punky stuff as others, but I do drool.  Drop by and visit her blog and if you’re a steam punk fan, check out her wunderkamer too.  I totally recommend her work, blog and all.

Anyway, she posted the link of an awesome project video from Air Pirates the other day.  If you’re into Sci-Fi and steam punk, go check them out.  They need our help to save the world!  (Hmmm… wonder if the t-shirt comes in women’s…)

Since @TotusMel always has interesting things to post, generally if she posts a video, I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it.

I clicked on over to watch the video and then it happened.

I got this:


This same kind of garbled video appeared on my screen earlier this week too, while trying to watch a video on meditation.  The picture was all garbled, but not the sound.  Confusing, but I figured it was some sort of file corruption on the video itself.

However, when I tried to watch the Air Pirate video, here I was seeing it again. Garbled video, but the sound was fine.

It was confusing at first, because in this case, the fictional audio script indicated that “someone from the future” was trying to contact the past and it was written to include the idea that the characters were having trouble with their video feed!  (I’ll say!)

I played the video a few times, same thing.
A garbled mass of pixelated goo.

However, it just didn’t seem right not to be able to see anything.  I tried other videos and didn’t have a problem seeing most of them, but then certain ones – yep, all green and garbled.  Something’s going on here, and I suspected it had something to do with Adobe after the recent update.

Turns out it was the Flash player.  And I discovered a fix.  It’s simple, quick and doesn’t require a reboot either.  So if you have experienced this, read on so you can get back to watching those videos.  NOW!

First, right-click on the offending video.  You can pause the video, or not.  Doesn’t really matter.  It should bring up an Adobe Flash Player window that looks like this.  Click on “settings.”


After clicking on “settings” it will bring up a window that looks like this.


Un-check the box that says “enable hardware acceleration.”  Then click “close.”


Lastly, refresh your page and voilà: you’ll be in business and get to see what you’ve been missing!


Save the Air Pirates! Go to http://AirPirates.org!

Now you’re ready to go!  I can’t post videos directly on my blog hosted here at WordPress.com, or I would totally embed the Air Pirates video in my post (they have the code on their site to share).  But if you’re curious, head over to their website, enjoy the fun and support their cause.

Later y’all!

Go ahead and click a link below to “share this.”  You know you want to!  : )


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V-Neck Variation of the Modified Railroad Choker…

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Here’s the V-Neck variation of my Modified Railroad Choker, displayed with a variety of Gothic style pendants to show its versatility.

The blue combination was put together as a birthday present for one of my daughter’s junior-high friends.  The red one is likely to end up with my steam punk costume come Halloween!  The silver one is for the Halloween store!

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