Old plastic crochet hooks…..?

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In a world where crochet hooks are my favorite tools, I personally find plastic hooks to be the least of my favorites. I have a couple, just ‘cuz I’ve been stranded without a hook before and have gone to the nearest craft store and grabbed one. Why you ask? Because even using a plastic hook coupled with box store yarn is still better than none a’tall when you are doomed to sit and wait for hours on your kids or a late appointment.

Since I really don’t like plastic hooks though and because they are cheap, I hang onto them to give away to those I end up teaching crochet to, etc.. They are not bad for beginning to learn. (And believe it or not, doing a crochet demo for kids at a show can make a big difference in attendance on your side of the expo while folks watch -and they will- not to mention the general behavior of bored kids tends to improve as well. I’ve been thanked by surrounding artists more than a few times.)

Susan Bates Vintage "Bone" Luxite Crochet Hook

If you have vintage “bone” colored hooks that are Bates, they are probably Luxite like this one, not Bakelite. These were made to look like bone. Genuine bone hooks are somewhat collectible and perhaps Luxite would be to some degree. Though I do collect hooks, I don’t personally collect these. However others do.

If you don’t want to hang onto your older plastic hooks, try eBay and throw them together as a mixed lot. I do see the older ones sell there in many conditions I wouldn’t buy for actual use. Modern plastic hooks are not really a draw for bids alone, but older hooks are. People will buy an auction full of hooks to get just one vintage one they want, like any collectible hobby. Even so, I have seen “bone” hooks on eBay that are obviously not.

When listing a lot of hooks together for an auction, you might consider tossing in a couple tags in like 4-H and Girl Scouts and teaching too. And better yet, write an explanation about the idea in your description. When I did demos for Maker Faire Austin and a scout class, I scoured eBay for economical hooks that I could afford to lose or give away.

And I know I’m not the only one!


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  1. I was very lucky a few years back, I picked up a batch of stuff someone was Freecycling, and managed to not only get some vintage Wintuk, but a bevvy of crochet hooks (one was even BONE), and some vintage Vogue Knitting mags.

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