Who Me?

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Julia is a technical content and method writer, blogger, crochet designer, and crochet hook maker in the Austin, TX area with a background in music and public speaking. She is a juried member of Art of Texas, two-time Maker for Maker Faire Austin, Maker for Mini-Maker Faire Round Rock, Texas Peep of the notorious Crochet Liberation Front, and past member of Austin Craft Riot (formerly known as The EtsyAustin Street Team) and the Etsy Hookers Team! Additionally, she’s been a proud Spirit Jumper! – See http://Spiritjump.org for details.

Aberrant Crochet was Julia’s long-time designer name within creative circles. As a blog, Aberrant Crochet represents Julia’s latest musings on creativity and life, regardless of whether they are specifically crochet related or not. She writes for other blogs on family, widowhood, brain cancer, and grief. If you’re curious about her technical and professional writing, check out her portfolio here.

With the loss of her husband to terminal brain cancer, over 45 years of crochet in her life, and a family far too familiar with a variety of cancers, Julia’s crochet work is often designed for chemo patients and fundraising for charity too. Did you know that brain cancer research is the most underfunded of all cancers? And yet, answers to brain cancer could hold the keys to all cancers.

Julia is passionate about the art of crochet and its tools.  She studies crochet makers’ hands and the tools they use and often writes about it.  One day she hopes to travel the world to meet other women through crochet, to learn about their stories, both cultural and personal.  She wants to learn how they use their hands differently and study their tools from around the world.  Because a hook is not the same from place to place!  There’s a story in here somewhere, an unfolding and hopefully a documentary.  Stay tuned…

Where to find Julia?  Some notable places? Find her as BikerMom on Ravelry, @AberrantCrochet on Twitter, Aberrant Crochet videos on YouTube, and her Facebook page. You can also follow her quirky tastes for unique crochet and other cool things on Pinterest.

Julia loves to promote the art of crochet as well as movers and shakers in the crochet community.  To that end, she has sponsored the online curated newspaper: Crochet Social – Leaders List, as a way to represent the voices of social leaders in the crochet world she interacts with.  To get on this list, these folks have to actually interact with their followers. After all, that’s part of what makes them social leaders in the crochet world!  She also owns the Aberrant Daily and Damned Crafty Newspapers as well.

As a writer, Julia passionately participates in competitions, including the annual November NaBloPoMo which used to be sponsored by http://BlogHer.com but has now been abandoned by them.  During NaBloPoMo exercises, her posts are daily and more diverse as she writes about a myriad of interests in order to win the goal.  You can also view many photos of Julia’s work on Flickr.

Julia also has two stores on Etsy.com.  One is dedicated to finished goods at http://PixieWorx.Etsy.com. The second store caters more specifically to fellow crocheters with patterns, hooks, and supplies at http://AberrantCrochet.Etsy.com.  And an additional store exists on Ravelry.com at http://www.ravelry.com/stores/aberrant-crochet-designs.

Disclosure: I sometimes use Amazon Affiliate links to point to books and products I review and feel are good contributions to the community.  I’ve made about $10.00 since March 2010 via Amazon referral links.  I don’t think you’ll mind my recommends, and I promise I only post personal recommendations.  I don’t have any other affiliate links on this blog at this time, but if I find something elsewhere that I consider being of value to my community and there’s an affiliate program, I’ll add it to the list here.

What Makes Aberrant Crochet (TM) Different?
For starters, over 37 years of crochet experience, largely without patterns. Which means if you have a concept but aren’t sure it can be done, I’m a good one to talk to.  I’ve helped many people bring into reality a gift concept they only had in their head.

I specialize in high-end fibers and unique approaches to a variety of “everyday” crochet projects.  I’m also a bit quirky in that I enjoy challenges, even when it comes to hard to work with yarns.

Most of my finished work is one of a kind.  I often use a technique I developed, called “yarn sculpting.” If you’ve heard this term, it was adopted from me. I’m proud of what I do and hold my work to the highest of standards. 🙂

I also specialize in the technical side of crochet hooks, their designs and adapting for the hands that use them. Your tools are what allow you to do a variety of things in fiber and in my mind are one of the most important factors of crochet work.  After all, hooks are made in so many, many shapes. There’s nothing universal about them, other than being a stick with a crook on the end.  I make and keep a wide array of specialized handmade hooks (from a variety of master hook makers) to create my crochet projects. I also take on special challenges to help others find solutions, whether technical in nature for fellow crocheters, or specialized designs for customers. 😉

The majority of the patterns I design are considered advanced according to international yarn standards. Currently I am working on designs that utilize stitches that as of yet have no standardization or names. It’s a challenge to not only innovate something, but to the turn around and tell others in universal standards how to do what you do! A lot of time and experience stands behind every crochet piece, hook and pattern I produce.

I like to design things that are practical, useful and yet not too serious. Items that do not require a lot of special care, and yet are stylish, unique and eye-catching. My goal isn’t just to make you smile, but everyone who sees you wearing my design. 😀  And I have a taste for the uncommon and theatrical, including Cosplay.

I’m known for my work with folks going through chemo and have received a lot of input from patients over the years. A lot of patients do not want to wear typical cancer turbans (or “death caps” as one patient said to me frankly). As another patient told me once, “I just want to look in the mirror and see a beautiful lady, not a bald head.” I have never forgotten this and their words continue to help shape my designs today. I strive to create beautiful and fun shapes that will still be kind to tender skin and yet can be sterilized. I work with adults and children alike.  Talk to me if you have a need for a chemo patient. They often have special considerations.

DESIGNER’S NOTE: Though extremely tough, durable and secure, my spider webs and spider web umbrellas are designed with teens and adults in mind, not children. They are not toys and a spider web should never be hung or left where a small child might get tangled in it.

Additionally, the crochet jewelry I design, though again durable and secure and even created with “natural” and soft materials, are unique works of fine craftsmanship that require proper care and maintenance just like any other piece of fine jewelry. They are not designed with children under the age of 14 in mind. For the sake of your investment, please keep in mind the level of responsibility required to take care of these high quality works of art.


5 responses to “Who Me?

  1. lynn cherry

    Hello…is this a fellow Star Charter parent?

    I am surfing the web today looking for vendors for an event we are hosting at my church called Presents With A Purpose. We want people to think outside the mall and the consumer chaos this Christmas and consider hand made, fair trade items and charitable gift giving.

    You’ll find a vendor application here:


    Or call me 512-657-1527

  2. Hi! I’m so glad to find another TEXAS crochet blogger! I live in Northeast Texas close to Cedar Creak Lake. I have not read all of your posts, but I found you online when I was looking up the term “frogging,” which, by the way, I often call UN-crocheting! 🙂
    I love how you have dedicated much of your crochet to charity. I am also a member of a group at our church that crochets, knits, sews, etc for charity. It is such a blessing to know that I can give someone a little comfort and happiness with something usually so simple.
    I look forward to reading more about your adventures, and hopefully, one of these days soon I will start my own blog. I have the name already — The Crochet Chef — because my two great passions are crocheting and cooking (actually feeding people in need). So, I am thinking of including a couple of cooking recipes and a couple of crochet recipes! 🙂
    Blessings to you and yours!
    Teri Caswell

    • Hi Teri,

      I don’t know how I missed your comment, but thank you for dropping by. The Crochet Chef! I like it! The concept is wonderful! I shall look for it to come out. 🙂 You’re still going to start it, right?


  3. Just wanted to say hi – I stumbled onto your blog and fell in love with your work – truly unique and beautiful!

    I was inspired to both subscribe and post a link to your site so that some of my readers can stop in as well.

    Be well,

    • Dear M.L.,

      Thank you for your kind words of support and for your share. Admittedly, I do this because it’s one of the things I must and am grateful if others find it beautiful too. I look forward to getting to know each other. 🙂


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