The Rest of the Story

About the Author….

The past:
Daughter and grand-daughter of entrepreneurs and recipient of scholarships and awards in leadership, music, public speaking, academia and writing, Julia graduated with honors from high school and began her college career at the age of 15. Unable to accept limitations, her majors included music, theology, psychology and English literature with an interest in research, public speaking and communications. During her college careers she also worked 3 years with local schools as a volunteer with disabled and disadvantaged children and at children’s camps. Self-taught in voice and piano, and taught crochet by her grandmothers, a sense of artistry has always been present in her life.

The present:
Co-founder and Director of Operations for the perennial charity Round Rock Kids’ Day, a published crochet designer, specialist in crochet hook making and design, blogger and small business owner in the cottage-industries, Julia is passionately involved as a mother of gifted teens. She works regularly with volunteers and non-profit organizations focused on educational and spiritual services as well as health and fund-raising. During her husband’s service in the National Guard, she was also actively involved with her local FRGs.

Julia has written for Interweave Crochet magazine, been an active juried member of Art of Texas, two-time Maker for Maker Faire Austin, Maker for Mini-Maker Faire Round Rock, Texas Peep of the notorious Crochet Liberation Front and past member of Austin Craft Riot (formerly known as The EtsyAustin Street Team) and the Etsy Hookers Team!  She annually shows at local juried venues in the Central Texas area. With over 37 years of crochet experience, and a family far too familiar with cancer, Julia’s crochet work is often designed for chemo patients, including children.

Seeking an outlet for her hat designs to lift the spirits of cancer patients, Julia became an enthusiastic member of Spirit Jump, winter 2008. She is often joined by her children who also have artistic and charitable interests. You can find her current galleries on Flickr here.

The future:

Life is not about finally arriving, but always continuing the journey. Julia’s future aspirations include costume design, training for and joining the local Piano Technician’s Guild, adding an income from freelance short-stories and articles, traveling as an inspirational speaker, creating a non-profit focused on providing life-enrichment skills, possibly starting a local steampunk club for kids and of course there’s her passionate desire for a family garage band – just for fun.

And there’s one more thing.  Julia is passionate about the art of crochet and its tools.  She actively studies crochet makers’ hands and the tools they use and then writes about it.  One day she hopes to travel the world to meet other women through crochet, to learn about their stories, both cultural and personal.  And she wants to learn how they use their hands differently and study their tools from around the world.  There’s a story in here somewhere, an unfolding and hopefully a documentary.  Maybe you can help Julia make this undertaking a reality.  Stay tuned…



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