Is This FlyLady Thing a “Cult….?”

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This was a question posted to Yahoo Answers this morning, wondering if perchance FlyLady could be a mindless satanic cult of some sort, with their Stepford wives clean houses and everyone repeating a similar mantra of “Join – it’s great!”

Well anyway, the FlyLady “cult question” was really, quite a funny tongue-in-cheek post I thought, knowing that the author was likely looking for quirky entertainment value in the way it was written from an “outside” point of view. Maybe even looking for fodder for her blog. Certainly not an attack – just a sense of humor. (Albeit perhaps a younger sense of humor than some Fly members might have shared.)

The thrust of her post seemed to wonder if she did say – actually join the FlyLady band wagon with all the moms who said was so wonderful – if she’d eventually find herself “trapped in a cave somewhere scrubbing toilets and worshipping flies,” I think is how she put it. I was chuckling with a “Lord of the Toilet Flies” moment pictured in my head.

(Hey – it was certainly a better tone in humor than one super-organized friend of mine who in all seriousness said she felt FlyLady was for women who were depressed. No offense to me of course.)

Unfortunately, with the influx of responses (some indignant) that poured in from Fly fans like me, the question was deleted in process before I could finish my own answer to her question. And with it removed, there is no way for me to properly quote how her question was worded exactly, or I would try to share it in all it’s humor.

However I felt a semi-serious but humorous question such as this deserved a likewise answer. So I thought I would share my own response here.

For your enjoyment…..

Question: “Is FlyLady a Cult?”

Answer: “I suppose so. Now that I think about it!

I realize now that I must have been brain-washed into thinking cleaning my house and keeping a routine, can actually be fun! That habitually just simply swish-swiping the toilet and sink first thing in the morning even while in my zombie state of mind (always am at that time of day) that I can be worry free about company needing to use the facilities – even if there are boys in the house. That a shiny sink could possibly make me smile when I stumble out into the kitchen to get my brain juice in the morning. That I really could have more energy and less pain from my injuries if I’d just drink my water, wear my stinkin’ shoes and go to bed on time from the get-go. That I could actually improve my quality of life and state of mind in 15 minute increments?

Good Grief! What was I thinking! How could this BikerMom have possibly been conned into thinking anything domestic could possibly help me be happy? How could this brain-washing dream-world possibly be reality? How did I get sucked in??

Except – my house is cleaner with less effort now. And I am happier! Because I can be freer to be the mom who loves to ride my motorcycle, rock out on my piano and drums, to meditate and design crochet and run my two home businesses when this mom’s command performance is not demanded at home or other work, or even as a military wife. And I have not aged as quickly either.

I’m not a joiner by nature. Nor do I have time for typical housework attitudes or approaches. I’m a professional mom in three fields – alot for anyone. But truth is, cult-like or not the “FlyLady” general attitude and approach to life has helped preserve my freedom and identity as a woman and as a professional, instead of feeling like motherhood stripped it away or left me trapped – like so many of my friends have felt.

I am not trapped. Truthfully – I am empowered.

And so was my response!

If you are unfamiliar with FlyLady– that’s OK. But for those of us in the know, it has helped bring peace into the many lives of those who struggle with wearing so many hats in life: including motherhood, secretary and maid. The FlyLady system may not be for everyone, but it has been a stream-lining tool for many of us who appreciate some help in putting together a framework for success in managing our homes.

Me? It has saved me so much time! A system ready to go, straight out of the package and easy to implement. YES!

Marla Cilley, the founder of it all, has given great service to families around the world through “FlyLady’s” reach.  Thanks again.

Now – if only there was just a TaxLady who could convince me that taxes could be fun too….. 😛



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18 responses to “Is This FlyLady Thing a “Cult….?”

  1. JoBeth

    Rock on babe! FlyLady is my heroine too! Great post!

  2. Kate

    Hey, good response! Send a copy of it to the FlyLady herself; I bet she’d love it. I’m still at the barely-flapping-my-wings stage, but it does help. Just not having a full sink in the mornings makes them a bit less grim!

    • Hey thanks ladies! My favorite Fly accomplishment is a commitment to dinner at the dining table of all places! lol!
      I didn’t say I’ve reached mastery in all areas, but life is much easier and I don’t have guilt! Big plus!

      I might send it to FlyLady, but if she has google alerts set up, I’m guessing she’s probably already found my blog post. And I’m sure she gets drowned in emails everyday.

  3. You are hilarious. I saw the Yahoo question when FL sent out an email asking other flyers to go and refute the question. I noticed a couple hours later the whole thread was gone.

    Take care!

    • Thanks so much – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I had hoped it would make for some grins!

      I enjoy an odd mix of practicality without being too serious. Life should be joyous and fun and this was definitely fun to write! 🙂

      Thanks again for your comments!


  4. I’m prone to clutter, and the flylady system is just a fun system that (when I remember to do it) helps me focus for small blocks of time. Not being too serious or stepford-ish about it has also helped. Great post!

    • Thanks for your comments Kathleen! For me it’s mostly the general attitude and just baby-stepping along. And did I mention no guilt? That’s a keeper!

      Thanks for visiting my blog!


  5. Wanda

    This is truly wonderful 🙂 Thankyou for posting this.

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    – Henry

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