Pixie Worx?

Back Story: 

People either tend to recognize me as Pixie Worx! or as Aberrant Crochet.  Pixie Worx! was my first commercial store for finished crochet (and other) goods and has traveled with me (and sometimes my daughter) from show to show. 

However, Aberrant Crochet has always been my crochet world writer/designer personality (ok, besides BikerMom) and today also has a store dedicated to patterns, supplies and crochet hooks. 

Either way, whichever name you know, there’s just little ‘ol me behind the words and work.

Thanks as always for your friendship and support!

~ Julia M. Chambers


2 responses to “Pixie Worx?

  1. Sal

    Thankyou very much for clearing this up for me xx just beginning crochet with a subscription to a European magazine and thought to have a look on Facebook for some tips…. yes all the videos I looked at were American…. yes you can imagine my confusion … lol x … As if the crochet wasn’t confusing enough. Getting hooked on it now though xxx

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