Reviews Of My Designs

Hook Carving Closeup - Aberrant CrochetHere you will find feedback specific to my finished goods, hooks and patterns.  I used to have this section under my About Me page.  But over the years with accumulated links and reviews of my articles all on the same page, it’s become harder to find the reviews for my design work.  So I left my writing reviews and such over there and moved the reviews for my crochet related work here.  Most of my sales are done face-to-face at shows, where one rarely receives feedback, but I treasure it when I get it! 🙂  Thank you to those who contribute.

Testimonials & Kudos:

 Handmade Crochet Hooks

My Handcarved Crochet Hooks - Aberrant Crochet - Julia Chambers“I have three places I’ve been getting handmade hooks. Jimbo of,
and two of his protegés: Julia of
and Monica of and I have been very happy with the hooks I’ve gotten from all three!”
– Doug P. (Underground Crafter Comment)

 Custom Crochet Work

“Absolutely beautiful! Julia is a treasure to work with.” – Sheri M. (Etsy)

[Five stars] “Julia’s crochet work is fabulous. Ms. Chambers is an up and coming fabric arts designer with an eye for details. Her work is unique and will get you compliments galore. Whether it is a simple scarf or a free-form shawl, she is your crochet artist extraordinaire.” – Tracy D.


 “Thanks for an excellent pattern! I was making a large cobweb for our theatre’s production of Charlotte’s web, and already have a pattern I had worked out for myself; but your pattern has definitely helped me iron out a few issues with my pattern (I have never created patterns for myself before 🙂 ).  So thank you so very much as the director is very happy with the web so far.” Cindi (Etsy)

“Great and clear instructions with lots of tips and variations. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. A great basic pattern that one could easily modify and customize to suit.” Spudnik (Etsy)

“Received quickly, great instructions – just one more Halloween goody to make the neighbors jealous, LOL!!” – Terri B. (Etsy)

Costume Props

“Absolutely loved the Web! It completely made my spider costume. It looked really sexy and original. Thanks. I can’t wait to wear it again!”
– B.C.P. (Etsy)

“My experience with Julia was so wonderful. We emailed and talked on the phone so that she could get a feel for what I really wanted in my fairy skirt.” – Farly G. (Etsy)


“I’m not a crocheter but I admire your resourcefulness.” [Hand-carved crochet hooks] – Karen Z.

Gosh, I just LOVE this! Amazing, as are all of your creations.” – I. Banks

“Wow that looks cool! Great job :)” – Cobbie K.

“I especially love your yarn choice for the flame [Flaming Crochet Hook tapestry]… very effective!” – Laughing Purple

“Wow! You did an awesome job with the fibers for this [miniature] hat!”
– Share32006

Crochet Flapper Purse in Silk and Rust

Flapper Purse in Silk and Rust

“Wow, that’s really looking gorgeous!” [Flapper Purse II] – NLeon

“These [purses] are simply marvelous! Love the beads… you’re so clever!!” – I. Banks

I didn’t think it was possible, but in person this bag is even MORE lovely than the pictures. Lovely lovely! Heavy, substantial, love the interplay of the color and texture of the yarn along with the color and sheen of the beads. Gorgeous!” – Maven

“Wow! I have never seen anything like this it is really quite impressive.” – Judi B.

“This is absolutely stunning.” – LahLah

5 Ft Leaping Dear Tapestry - Aberrant Crochet

5′ Leaping Dear Tapestry

“That is beautiful. You did a wonderful job.”
– thropots

“Wowie! What a great job you did. Very impressive. :)” – Lauria

“WOW!!! This is possibly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen…” – LunarChick

“Unbelievably beautiful!! … You are gifted indeed!” – I. Banks

“Really awesome piece! I really like the look.” – P. Soup

“Absolutely great amazing and wow – wow !!!” – M. Blume

“Love this…. way cool!” – Tammy

“Cooler than cool!!” – Julie



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