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11 responses to “Contact Me

  1. I have just stumbled upon your blog and a lot of what you write resonates with how I am feeling at the moment. I’ve been looking into artistic integrity and intellectual property tonight and it seems that a lot of people out there are oblivious.

    There is nothing more devastating than seeing your own work copied and on sold, it’s heartbreaking and can put you in an artistic funk for days, possibly weeks.

  2. Michelle Morton-Hicks

    Hi….. I am an UK Crochet Teacher and have been doing the craft since I was 9, I’m now 65 – I get frustrated as no doubt you do in the US with the different terminology between our countries! I convert most of your stitches easily but have got stuck with a US Extended Double Crochet – is it just simply an UK Treble?
    Michelle Morton-Hicks

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for your question. If you don’t mind, I would like to copy your question over to the article on these stitches to help others as well. But to answer your question, no it’s not the same as a UK treble, it’s the same as a UK extended treble. You can find a great video on how to make this stitch here: I’ll copy you on email as well to be sure you get this and will update the article with this info! I hope this helps! 😀 Happy teaching!


      • Michelle Morton-Hicks

        Brilliant with the youtube video, I thought it was just a UK extended treble – thanks very much I can teach the class now I know I have converted US to UK extended stitch – I do find the US way of holding the yarn is very different to the UK, but again it’s what we are taught in our country and what we are use to. . . .Many thanks for your email as well, I have replied to that also. Have a nice day and weekend. . . .Michelle x

        • Hi Michelle,

          Actually, we don’t have a set way in the US of holding our yarn or hook. One of the things I do as a crochet hook designer is study how people hold their hands while crocheting. I have found that the way they do this (today) has more to do with their background in hand work in general. For instance, someone who’s been spinning all their life will hold their yarn and hook differently than someone who’s never developed that skill. Same with a wood carver. Because we are a country of so many cultures, there’s less impact from our genetic/familial heritages and more simply from our muscle memory from handwork. Whatever background that person has in working with their hands is the strongest dictation of how they hold yarn and hook. We are very much a melting pot here!

          So glad the video helped! I will check my email.


  3. Tracy Hodal

    I just purchased one of your patterns for the spider web to wear. Will the pattern be emailed or snail mailed. If it’s not emailed could I please get it emailed as we need it done by the end of the month Thanks

  4. Lar

    I used to have a whole page of clever and funny anagram terms for these things. One was PIGS – progress in grocery sack. Do you know where I can find it again?

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