“I’m Such A Genius…”

Son: “Mommy Look!”
Me: “What son?”
Son: “I’m such a genius, I created a robotic arm to pick my nose!”


Originally published on June 7, 2011 on Family Quirks


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7 responses to ““I’m Such A Genius…”

  1. that’s truly awesome…what a boy :o)

  2. kelli

    Between this and the one the other day about the pretzels, I am going to guess he is around 10? These are almost straight out of my daughter’s mouth. I read you recent post about vision and finances and hope you can make your online presence happen. I will keep watching and support if I can.

    • He just turned 13, but these brain expulsions have been going on for years. 🙂 Thanks so much Kelli, I definitely have my work cut out for me.

      • kelli

        LOL They sure are a joy when they think outside the box, aren;t they. 🙂

        • Oh there are tons of these. I’ve thought about writing a book. “Jellyfish For A Pet” is a longer conversation between him and I. I love it, but teachers haven’t always. School counselor told me when he was going into 3rd grade that she knew it was tough for him at the time, but to trust her, he would be more in his element in middle and high school because his brain was already operating at a more complex level. He’s going into 8th now and though I know the homework load will be harder this year, I also can finally see what she meant. That and the improved eyesight is already shifting for him.

          • kelli

            We have gone throught something similar. Mine is 10, but well above her grade and always has been. She is going into 5th grade advanced placement classes now and I just know I am in for even more fussing than last year about work. She can do it, she just likes to try to reason her way out of homework all of the time. We think she is going to be a lawyer. 😉

            • JT was (still is) like that about writing, but we found out he also has dysgraphia. If he could do everything orally, he’d be golden. Anything to get out of putting pencil/pen to paper. It gets better, but there’s still some cajoling.

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