Sonorous abyss…

The gap amplifies.
Dear God.
I fear I falter.

April 2, 2016


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7 responses to “Sonorous abyss…

  1. I am thinking of you. Remember that you are strong.

  2. You are surrounded by glorious golden Angels, wings spread, enfolding you in the grace you seek…surrounded by Divine Love lighting your way, even as you see and feel only the abyss. I See You.

  3. kathleen Robins

    You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. There isn’t anything to say, other than that you are cared for by a person you’ve never met, and I am only the small tip of an iceberg. Strength, Wisdom, Grace, Peace and Love to you.

  4. Doug

    I wish there were things to say, some magic incantation…
    You remain in all our thoughts and prayers. Sending love and hugs and everything…

  5. Jimbo

    Thinking of you daily, Jules and keeping up hope all will be well for you and that your already amazing strength holds for you. Love comes from all your friends including especially me.

  6. Amy

    Julia, hold on. We’re holding on with you.

  7. As with everyone else, I’m thinking of you, and meditating on strength and fortitude for you and John.

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