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Julia is a method writer, crochet designer, and crochet hook expert designer in the Austin, TX area with a background in music and public speaking.  She is also a brain cancer advocate and serial social media zealot.  “I do a little freelance writing and WordPress and social management for some small companies.  Maybe I can help yours?”

Julia is also passionate about the art of crochet and its tools.  She actively studies crochet makers’ hands and the tools they use and then writes about it.  One day she hopes to travel the world to meet other women through crochet–to learn about their stories, both cultural and personal.  And she wants to learn how they use their hands differently and study their tools.  Because a hook is not the same from place to place!  There’s a story in here somewhere, an unfolding and hopefully a documentary.  Stay tuned…

Find below testimonials, mentions, awards earned, and publications where Julia’s work has been featured!

Print Publications:

Beyond the Basics: Know Your Craft, Know Your Hands, pg 50 – by Julia M. Chambers – Interweave Crochet Magazine, Spring 2014

This is the second of a two-part series on hooks and  hand-holds. In this second article, Julia discusses six of the most popular crochet hook hand holds and their variations.

Beyond the Basics: Be Captain of Your Hooks, pg 54 – by Julia M. Chambers – Interweave Crochet Magazine, Fall 2013

This is the first of a two-part series on hooks and  hand-holds. In this first part, Julia explains the differences in crochet hooks and suggests the best uses for different types.

Flaming Hook Tapestry Crochet Pattern – by Julia M. Chambers (Bikermom).  Found in the book: Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book (Paperback) – by Laurie Wheeler of Crochet Liberation Front.

“This flaming hook so inspired Julia (Bikermom) that she created this fun graph and chart… so all of us may wield the hook in solidarity!” ~ Fearless Leader (aka Laurie Wheeler)

Podcasts and Interviews:

Content Alchemy: Julia Chambers (Podcast Interview) – April 29th, 2014 by Mark Horn, marketing strategist and owner of Digital Content Alchemy.

“From the artisans corner comes a producer who juggles content moving parts with the greatest of ease (and a whole lot of balance).  On this episode, Julia Chambers, solo-preneur owner and producing artist at Aberrant Crochet, shares insights she uses to speak directly to the listening of her crowd.  Julia gives relevant direction for how she stewards content so the conversation, in any publishing medium, stays a conversation….”

This is from an audio podcast interview. Click through to hear the rest.



Best in Varied Crochet Information – Awarded by Crochet Concupiscence

“There are many smart crochet blogs (which is why my Saturday link love posts always include a section called “smart in crochet”). The reason that Julia was picked for this award was:

  1. She weaves lessons from creative life in with life lessons….
  2. Julia’s information is useful but not predictable….  Julia covers a range of different informational crochet topics, reflecting the “varied” part of this award…. [and] she’s not afraid to tackle the big topics and was an ultimate resource for the best information during the Ravelympics issue this past summer.
  3. Julia shares her thoughts in multiple mediums. On the blog itself you will find a combination of different styles of posts including text-based informative posts and video lessons. “

Social Media:

(Twitter status) – September 18, 2014 by 

“Must find that post about pricing items that wrote. It was brilliant.

In The Spot Light:

How much are we worth?  – September 1, 2015 by Diana, of The Crochet Chain

“I stumbled across this post yesterday.  it is a brilliant discussion about how we value handcrafts, follow the linky here  Please read first! I found it really interesting.”

Vintage Crochet Terms Translated  – March 10, 2015 by knitsbyjenn, of Roving Crafters

“Part of the trouble crocheters have is that names for stitches and techniques change over time… Places to Go for More Help: Aberrant Crochet – American vs. European

January 2015 Newsletter by Hunterdon County Knitting and Crocheting Guild

“For Jan. 16 bring any Charity Knitting, “UFOs” or “WIPs” you wish to work on. What are these? Well, here is an excerpt from a blog I found online, and I hope it clears things up and brings a smile to your face :). According to Julia Meek Chambers … a UFO is an “Un-Finished Object,” and usually applies to a project that has been started, but has been set aside…. I found Julia’s explanation online at the following link.”

The Right Way To Hold A Crochet Hook (Article Review) – March 3, 2014 by Toni Rexroat, online editor of Crochet Me

“I taught myself how to crochet, so when I first picked up a crochet hook, I simply held it in the most comfortable position. Now I know that this hold is called the Piano ‘Claw’ or Cupped hold. I didn’t realize that there were so many different possibilities. And all of them are right. In the Interweave Crochet Spring 2014 issue, Julia Chambers explores six of the most popular crochet hook holds. Julia notes that I probably prefer hooks that have minimal thumb rests and that my wrist can become sore during long periods of crocheting. She is spot on! Here is an excerpt from her informative article….”

Display And Pricing Your Art And Handmade Items At Shows by @AberrantCrochet– November 12, 2013 by E. Lee of The Crochet Lounge

“Julia of Aberrant Crochet™ is definitely a hooking blogger who is ‘fly like a G6’. In layman terms, she has a unique voice and opinion that I think more who are serious about their crochet business should read.  She incorporates simple logic that often gets overlooked by small business owners who are too engrossed in making ends meet vs. running a business.  If you need a business refresher for going to the fairs or have fallen into a slump and not sure where to start, this is a must read!  Your belief transfers into your reality, so brush up if you want change. … What a valuable addition and belief boost. :D”

Reblog of my article “The Spider Invasion Begins! – October 10, 2013 by Jo of JoFarmer

“I love the spiders, might make my own web, possibly a fly or 2!”

 Oregon Flock And Fiber Festival; Halloween Patterns; Knitting News – September 24, 2013 by Mary Mooney of The Oregonian’s (Newspaper) Live Knitting Blog

“If you want to spring for a pattern, check out Aberrant Crochet‘s absolutely amazing 6-foot crocheted spiderweb. The pattern’s available on Etsy for $2.49.”

The Ins And Outs Of Basic Crochet – September 18, 2013 by Autumn Lee of  Gypsybeee 

“One thing that you’ll notice when reading patterns, looking at tutorials, etc. is that some terms are different depending on your source. British and Australian terms are simply a little different then the American terms but the stitches are the same. This stitch term rundown from Aberrant Crochet gives you each stitch and the abbreviation in both English and European so you know how to read all kinds of patterns.”

Julia and Jimbo’s Experiment goes to Maker Faire – June 8, 2013 by Jimbo Price of Jimbo’s Front Porch

“…Stop by the Maker Faire and talk hook geometry with my friend Julia Chambers.  Julia and I concocted an idea for a hook geometry experiment at our last Crochet Liberation Front retreat.  We (several of us at the retreat) whittled us up several hooks….  Now the experiment is being carried forward by Julia at the Maker Faire…. Believe me there is WAY more to a crochet hook than a stick with a notch at one or more ends.  And Julia is an expert at hook analysis, and fitting the hook to the hand/grip style….”

“The steel hook is a vintage paper-covered hook from England, given to me by my friend Julia of Aberrant Crochet.  Julia knows more about crochet hooks than almost anyone else I know.”

(Inter) National Crochet Month: Celebrating Crochet Community – March 2013 by Laurie Wheeler of Crochet Liberation Front

“These beautiful hooks were carved by Julia Meek Chambers aka Aberrant Crochet. She carved hooks before taking the class at Crochet@ Cama, and it was AWESOME to listen to her “geek out” with the other hook makers…”

Day 7 of “Texting Mitts” Tour – February 16, 2013 by Andee Graves

“Today is the last stop of my week long blog tour, and it is very fitting that it is my friend Julia Meek Chambers of Aberrant Crochet.  Julia and I initially got to know each other thru the Crochet Liberation Front group on Ravelry in 2008. Then we finally got the opportunity to meet in person at the CLF Retreat – Crochet at Cama in October 2010….  I love Julia’s crochet work, she is constantly pushing the envelope on what can happen with yarn and a hook (and sometimes she doesn’t use yarn). When it really comes down to it, Jules is just Fun. It’s a small word to describe someone with so much personality and reality in her heart, but it is a very fitting word in every sense.”

Top Posts of the Week – November 24, 2012 by Crochet Concupiscence

How to Hold Your Crochet Hook.  A video instructional over on Aberrant Crochet.”

How To Make Your Own Crochet Hooks – October 24, 2012 by Moogly Blog

“So what about making your own crochet hooks? I’ll admit I haven’t done it… yet. But Julia at Aberrant Crochet has been working on a Crochet Hook Challenge and it’s very inspiring! Those are her amazing hands on the right, and here’s her video on Crochet Hook Engineering…”

15 Crochet Umbrellas for your Creative Rainy Days – August 15, 2012 by Crochet Concupiscence

“PixieWorx, also known as Aberrant Crochet, has a pattern for making a giant crochet spiderweb that can be added to a plain old umbrella.”

REALLY, U.S. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE? – July 3, 2012 by Yarn Over Chicago

“One of my favorite crochet bloggers is Aberrant Crochet.  I don’t normally just reproduce someone else’s blog post, but if you’ve been following the controversy between Ravelry and the USOC, then this post might interest you.  It’s beautifully written – heroic, even.  If you’re a crocheter or knitter; in fact, if you do any hand-crafting at all, I encourage you to read Julia’s Aberrant Crochet post in its entirety: Disparaging Handcrafts In The Name Of Law – How Far Does It Push Us Back?

Overview of the Olympics, Ravelympics and Trademark Protection Issues in the News – June 25, 2012 by Crochet Concupiscence

“…there were a few really outstanding sources that summed up the issue really well so I want to credit them here and encourage you to check them out if you’re interested in the topic. The first is Aberrant Crochet who has done several posts keeping readers updated on the issue. She references many related issues throughout the years, includes fun facts (like knitting was actually included as an Olympic event at one point) and in my opinion is the best resource for understanding the full issue.

What is so hard about typing the word crocheter? – June 2012, by Crochet Liberation Front

“I knew there were going to be very few blogs written by crochet bloggers on the topic.  I urged Julia to read the letter and respond on her blog, crochet needs more than one voice.  She wrote this most awesome post!

Not quite a rant: Crochet en Vogue – May 2012 by Crochet Liberation Front

“People like myself and Vashti Braha and Julia Chambers have written many blog posts and newsletters full of information about crocheting with yarn, because funny enough there are NO BOOKS about crochet and yarn.”

Pinterest … I Have Some Concerns – February 29, 2012 by Contemporary Handmade Alliance

“…In the last week or so there has been some concerns about copyright and Pinterest’s Terms of Use.  Instead of rehashing what has been said already, I have listed some great articles that discuss this issue.  I strongly urge you to read these posts…. Don’t pin me Bro! The Saga of Copyright and Pinterest by Aberrant Crochet.”

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Pinterest – February 24, 2012 by Crochet Concupiscence

“@AberrantCrochet has a really thorough article on this with a balanced perspective as a designer.”

Member Spotlight: Aberrant Crochet – February 2012 by Crochet Liberation Front

“Not only is she an amazingly talented crocheter, she is one of the most knowledgeable hook masters I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her passion for the tools is infectious and it will change your ideas about those sticks with curves that we employ in our work!  I interviewed Julia the other day, here’s what she has to say about her passion, tools and all that is fuzzy!”

Crochet Buzz – November 7, 2011 by Fresh Stitches Blog

Obey Crochet Interview: Do you know ? I love her hilarious and snarky crochet-related illustrations… so I was delighted to see that Aberrant Crochet did an awesome interview! Check it out!”

Adventures with Fearless Leader: Crocheted Bacon – February 2012 by Crochet Liberation Front

“Huge shout out to Julia (aka aberrantcrochet on Twitter and ObeyCrochet on Twitter for the ‘egging on” at the thought of crocheted bacon :D.”

Spooky seasonal clothing and accessories available in Austin this October – October 14, 2011 by Examiner.com

“Crochet Spider Web Pattern (by PixieWorx) : You can make your very own crochet spider web (which is seriously cool-looking) with this downloadable .PDF pattern. Wear it as part of a costume, or — if you’re a little on the darker side — wear it anytime to render your boring black garb a little more goth! Buy it and get started here. Do yourself a favor and check out the photo of this design in the slideshow.”

Hooked Together: A Blogroll Journey – August 26, 2011 by Crochet Concupiscence

“Blogroll Exploration #1: Aberrant Crochet: First I’m looking at the blogroll for Aberrant Crochet by Julia Chambers. She is @AberrantCrochet on Twitter, BikerMom on Ravelry and has an Etsy store named PixieWorx. On the blog she shares her crochet work as well a lot of helpful tips and thoughts about crochet.

Julia’s crochet blogroll is short and it’s filled with blogs I mostly already know, which is why I can explore more than one blogroll this week. And guess what, I saw when I got to her blog that she links to me. Awesome. Thanks Julia! Here’s what else she links to…”

25 Crochet Blogs You May Want to Read – June 3, 2011 by Crochet Concupiscence

“Julia Chambers is a Texas-based crochet designer who shares updates about her life and work in occasional blog posts.”

Thanks for the Flamie! – April 23, 2011 by Marcy Smith, editor of Interweave Crochet

“Julia “BikerMom” Chambers of Aberrant Crochet was there, crocheting, Tweeting, and educating crocheters about hooks.”

“A-List photos from the Art Night Austin, East Austin Studio Tour preview party at various gallery spaces in East Austin, 11.12.10.”  Photo 29 in the series features Julia M. Chambers showcasing how to hand-carve crochet hooks.

Stocking Stuffer Swap – In memory of a lost child – November 12, 2009 by The AlbinoPhant Blog

“Some good ideas and great causes come from a loss or tragedy. I learned of a wonderful way to use the gift exchange concept to share with children this season.  Julia Chambers, crochet artisan and the author of several blogs, including “The difference between a duck”, shared a stocking stuffer gift exchange that has its genesis in a personal loss. Some family friends were tragically killed in an accident near Christmas.  She and her daughter decided to gather small gifts for children and wrap them for a gift swap, as a way of healing the wounds of the community. They started a stocking stuffer swap for kids in their area.  ‘The gifts were meant to carry on the spirit of gratitude to our community, both givers and receivers.  To bless friends and neighbors….’”

Spiderweb Umbrella designs were featured twice on Etsy’s front page Halloween Showcase 2009.

Features and Profiles:

Aberrant Crochet Klout Profile – by Klout

Round Rock Mini Maker Faire 2013 Features Aberrant Crochet – June 8, 2013 by TechShop

CLF Member Spotlight: Aberrant Crochet – February 2012 by Crochet Liberation Front

Vendor Profile: Pixie Worx! & Aberrant Crochet – October 19, 2011 by Austin Craft Riot

Maker Faire Austin 2008 Maker Profile – October 18 & 19, 2008 (Way Back Machine Link)

Maker Faire Austin 2007 Maker Profile – October, 2007 (Way Back Machine Link)

Around The Blogosphere:

Political Disagreements – November 14, 2016 by Kramer Wetzel of Astrofish.net

“’Disagreement is not weakness.’  Exactly.  Really liked her words — Libra — figures.”

My First Round Ripple (Or How I Crocheted Sunshine) – April 26, 2014 by Tanja of Martha’s World (a link referral on my definition of frogging)

“Some gasping, two minutes of frogging, and ♫ hi ho hi ho from magic ring I go ♪ :) ….”

FO – Large Jumper – January 13, 2014 by Tigzie (a link referral on my definition of frogging from Vickie, a.k.a. Tigzie)

“I started it on September 11th 2013 and a few months (and numerous rows of ‘frogging’ later)  I finally finished!”

ACCROchet Interviews: Obey Crochet – January 17, 2013 by ACCROchet (Quote from Stephanie Toppin, a.k.a. Obey Crochet)

“I am grateful for the people who noticed me in the very, very beginning: Julia Chambers at Aberrant Crochet, Sara Delaney at Chicken Betty, Monica Lowe at Craftwich Creations, and Laurie Wheeler at Crochet Liberation Front.  Those ladies are hookers for life!”

Hot Crochet Link Love – November 10, 2012 by Crochet Concupiscence

“Another crochet designer shared some thoughts on this [designer] life in a post this week; see Aberrant Crochet’s “I Never Set Out to Sell Crochet“.”

Bidding Begins NOW For Mrs. Maplesworth – Crochet Hook Challenge (REBLOG) – October 29, 2012 by Tigers Crafty Crafts

“Now this is very cool. I always wanted to know how they made crochet hooks. Definitely worth sharing.”

A Hooker’s Lament – October 19, 2012 by Fiber Porn

My friend Julia at AberrantCrochet wrote a blog post today, and my post today is an amalgamation of a reply I posted to her blog post as well as observations I made while planning out my “to do” list for when I attend the NY Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend.

Knitter Profiles Get A Makeover With Kathryn – September 7, 2012 by JordanaPaige.com

“Meet Kathryn Vercillo, the newest of our Fiber Fashionistas! … [Her] Favorite crochet quote:  “I think it’s time to set my sights on new goals and higher aspirations in crochet as an art form.  It is time to infect the internet and the world with global domination of the versatility, practicality and coolness of crochet.  I seek a cro-pocalypse.  A veritable domain of the hook, with zombie-like contagion and cult indoctrination – only without the blood, flesh craving and Kool-aid.” – by Aberrant Crochet.”

What’s in a hook? Day 7: CLF Birthday CAL Instructions – July 2011, by Crochet Liberation Front

“At the retreat our break out sessions are designed to give you, the crocheter that experience of AH HA and to share your own personal observations with fellow retreat goers! Jim “Jimbo” Price, hook carver extraordinaire and Julia Meek Chambers (Bikermom on Ravelry) will be leading break out sessions dedicated to hook anatomy and how it affects the stitches you make. Who knew that even though you don’t need a specially designed hook to make bullion stitches, having one can make your life easier? Who knew that the throat design of the hook had so much to do with your stitch definition? …”

Destination – Austin, TX! – April 17, 2011 by KRW Knitwear Studio

The 2011 FLAMIE AWARDS: “I arrived EARLY in Austin on Friday! I was greeted by Laurie Wheeler (the CLF Fearless Leader and one of my very good friends!) and Julia Chambers (known as Bikermom on Ravelry or AberrantCrochet on Twitter!)”

Busy fingers and the Mother Bear Project – November 29, 2011 by Celebrate Life!

“I learned about The Mother Bear Project (indirectly) through Julia, of Aberrant Crochet. Julia makes gorgeous crochet, so be sure to take a peek at her virtual home. Julia was kind enough to reply to my comment in her Mommy Can’t Right Now, She’s Texting. In her comment, Julia was kind enough to share a few sites that would be beneficial to a noob crocheter like myself.”

Letting Myself Off The Hook (A “Let’s Reverb” Prompt) – by Big Green Pen

“Special thanks to Julia Chambers for the use of her crochet images! Find Julia’s work at http://pixieworx.net.”

Eastside Knit Night: November 16th, 2010 – by The Wonder Craft

“We’ve partnered up with Yarn Harvest, Austin’s only sweater recycling yarn company, to bring fiber arts to the forefront during this year’s East Austin Studio Tour. The tour is an annual showcase of artists’ studios, as well as an opportunity to see what is new in the art world of East Austin. Crafters attending the Eastside Knit Night will meet and mingle with experienced knitters and crocheters to learn the basics of knitting and see some advanced skills. During the event, Yarn Harvest will roll out their new line of luxurious recycled cashmere yarn, just in time for the cooler weather.  Our knitting/crochet teachers will include Tara Tschillard of Fifty Acorns, Maggie Murphy of Assorted Musings, Julia Chambers of Pixie Worx, Andrea Harris-Giron of Bitch Stitch & Kelly Minton of kellymagelli.”

 Ping-Backs and Mentions:

https://www.zonderdank.be/saturnein/?p=14342 (Dutch crafting blog)