And The Winner Is… Is… ????


Official Results

Lorraine has won a signed copy of her favorite Obey Crochet drawing “This Yarn Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us!”  Come on down Lorraine and claim your prize.  Everybody please give her a round of applause and let her know just how jealous you are!  Lorraine, tell us – how does it feel to be such a winner?  And please look for an email asking for your mailing address so Stephanie can ship your signed Obey Crochet drawing to you!  We look forward to hearing from you very soon!
(And you’ll have to send us a photo!)  😀

Didn’t win? No worries!  Now that you’re following Obey Crochet’s blog, not only will you be in the know about anything that comes up Obey Crochet, you can also shop her store at CafePress!  You will find mugs, t-shirts and totes of Hooky goodness!  Yay for crochet!

Thank you all for participating and it was so awesome to meet and connect with more crochet friends! I am now following everyone who participated in this contest and left your websites or Twitter accounts to follow.  And I think maybe ya’ll will want to get to know each other too.  I hope you enjoyed the fun and exploration of the crochet goodness from our sister-in-hook Stephanie Toppin!

Happy New Year from both of us!  I truly believe that 2012 is just simply going to be outstanding!  In addition to my usual content, stay tuned for future contests, reviews, goodies and new friends to meet!  Thanks to Stephanie and Obey Crochet for joining me in this shindig.  And thanks again to everyone for keeping your hook in gear and sharing the crochet love!  Rock on! 


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One response to “And The Winner Is… Is… ????

  1. Congrats Lorraine! 🙂

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