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The Tiniest Crochet Hook Made These!


Aside from the tiny antique crochet hook in the next photo, pliers and these other tools were necessary to create this look. The wooden crochet hook helped block the lace loops.  Pliers helped pull the needle as needed to tie in threads.


I not only put together this skull cameo, but crocheted lace around the cameo frame by crocheting directly onto it.


This is the tiniest crochet hook I’ve ever owned along with the tiny butterfly pendant I crocheted with it. I don’t know a lot about this kind of hook, but I am blessed to own a few. I know they are antique, precisely hand-cut and made in England. And they are the best quality hooks of this tiny size I’ve found. The handle says No. 9, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with modern crochet hook sizes.  But I estimate this to be maybe a size 16 or smaller??

These butterflies were created by crocheting around a tiny tag like this one, with my tiny antique hook.

It took me about 45 minutes, start to finish, to crochet, secure and finish off one of these. So how much would you think they are worth? What would you charge for one? I plan to put a jump ring on each of these and crochet chokers for each to hang from. But I’m considering the idea of offering some up by themselves. Maybe earrings. Not sure yet.



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Backstory: The Hook Of Desperation

This event took place about a year ago. People have heard me tell this story in person, but I’ve never written it down, until now.

It was time for our annual tag renewal on our car.  Usually I would do this at the local county annex.  I know a lot of people mail theirs in, but I’ve never been a fan of that.  I like to have my receipt and new stickers in my hot little hand when I pay.  Not wonder if they’ve been pilfered in the mail.  After all, we live in the historical district, with an old fashioned mailbox by our door.  Not one of those new-fangled group mail boxes like newer neighborhoods have.

Back to my story.  However, our county built a whole new annex for our town.  I walk in and am immediately greeted by a slick new computer terminal for me to register my name and pick the purpose for my visit from a list of three main categories.  Supposedly this isolation of the purposes for your visit, like paying for your tags, vs. filing a title, would help speed up the process.  I punch my info in, receive a number to get in line and walk into the new, bigger, better waiting room with my children and their reading books in tow. A sea of people like I’ve never seen in our town lay before me.

Arg!  Two hours later I am going crazy.  I hate waiting for long periods of nothing productive.  What a waste of a precious life.  Usually I have yarn or a book with me somewhere in the car, everywhere I go.  But not this time.  I’ve never spent that long at a tag office before, but I was late to renew as it was, so I had to stick around.

Those three purposes for my visit that I had to register and pick from?  That each entailed their own specialized number sequence, making you think there’s a line dedicated for each purpose?  Apparently served no purpose.  Instead of one list of numbers to watch for yours to come up, there were three.  And no particular teller in any order was dedicated to any of the number systems.  And out of a brand new office with 10 windows, only three were manned.

Looking up at the “serving now” number, I knew it was going to take a long time to get to me still.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I headed out to the car.  There had to be a crochet hook somewhere out there!  I needed to do something before I just totally lost it.  But alas, though I found a bag of yarn, there was no hook.

Out of desperation I dug under a car seat and found out a pkg of Pei Wei chopsticks.  Wait! Idea percolating! There’s a file in my purse.  Holy cow, I’ll try anything at this point!

So taking my nail file to the chopstick I went to town.  And managed to produce the tiniest edge of a lip.

Having finished his book some time before, my son turned bored eyes to my hands with renewed interest.  “Mommy, can I try that?”  I had to bite back the primal hiss threatening to well up from my soul.

I said much nicer (in my outside voice)  “No honey, I’m trying to make a crochet hook.”  He continued to watch with new amusement.

I tested it out on the yarn I brought in.  Hot damn – it actually worked!  Not ideal by any means, but it actually hooked yarn!  Bwahahahaha! I felt triumphant in my rebellion.  I’m sure I probably looked like a crazed mom, sawing and huddling over my new invention.  I did not care.

It was about that time when a voice came over the loudspeaker.

“If any of you are here to renew your auto tags, you know we have a drive through…




Mother of Mary in a flight suit!  Why the hell didn’t someone say something sooner!!!!!

With that, half the room jumped up and ran out the door!

By the time I gathered our stuff and retrieved a child from the bathroom, figured out where the drive-through was hiding and pulled up, there were 10 cars in front of me.  I continued to tweak my hook and crochet.  It only took about 10 minutes for my turn and I was outta there!

Bah!  Stupid drive-through.  You should be obvious, located by the front door and painted red!

But here it is, The Hook Of Desperation.  Yes, it can be done.  Give me enough of an edge and I can crochet with anything!


The Hook Of Desperation! And it actually works!


Look what a file can do for you! You never know, it might be a yarnie's best friend.


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Cro-pocalypse: The Rise of Crochet

When the subject of crochet comes up, and I begin to talk, it’s like a door opening to sunshine and happiness. Or sometimes, a door to a fascinating volcanic firestorm.  (Gee, what does that look like anyway?) And people always comment, “Wow, I never realized ____, and you’re so passionate about crochet!”  Usually there’s a new spark in their eyes, a little like the one in mine.

And I know I have accomplished my goal:  Infection. 

That’s what I call it.  It’s a term I coined in speech class and later applied to marketing on a shoe-string for charities.  It’s always been my secret weapon, something I’m really good at.  But all contagions have to start somewhere.

Before I can do my thing… I have to care.

How did two people start with $0, no budget and create a charity event that drew thousands of children from 10 cities, live news coverage, local celebrity appearances, and get a community together for the cause?  Even surprised the crud out of me?


You take your vision, your passion and believe in it so much, know how to communicate effectively and show everyone, from the inside out, their own reason to be excited too.

Infection can be evil, or it can be good. I propose we have a lot to learn from viruses.  I propose that Joy is just as easy to spread as Hate, but your heart has to be in it if you are to become a Source.

Me?  So far my talent for infection has largely been used to help charities.  And I’m excited if after our conversation someone is more likely to pick up a hook or consider crochet in a new light or be even able to tell the difference between crochet and knit or even weaving.  I’m especially excited when I have demystified something. It’s been a little while since I’ve actively infected someone.

Not to sound too much like Dr. Evil or anything….

I think it’s time to set my sights on new goals and higher aspirations in crochet as an art form.  It is time to infect the internet and the world with global domination of the versatility, practicality and coolness of crochet.  I seek a cro-pocalypse.  A veritable domain of the hook, with zombie-like contagion and cult indoctrination – only without the blood, flesh craving and Kool-aid.

But let’s leave the Borg mentality out of it.  Crochet thrives best on flavors of individuality.  It is after all derived from a single, lone hook.  (Though I’m not against experimenting with two!)

It’s time fellow crocheters. Whatever it is in crochet that you love to do.  Whatever part of the large crochet umbrella you specialize in… fill your soul and infect your world!  😉

Go ahead and click a link below to “share this.”  You know you want to!  : )

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