Cro-pocalypse: The Rise of Crochet

When the subject of crochet comes up, and I begin to talk, it’s like a door opening to sunshine and happiness. Or sometimes, a door to a fascinating volcanic firestorm.  (Gee, what does that look like anyway?) And people always comment, “Wow, I never realized ____, and you’re so passionate about crochet!”  Usually there’s a new spark in their eyes, a little like the one in mine.

And I know I have accomplished my goal:  Infection. 

That’s what I call it.  It’s a term I coined in speech class and later applied to marketing on a shoe-string for charities.  It’s always been my secret weapon, something I’m really good at.  But all contagions have to start somewhere.

Before I can do my thing… I have to care.

How did two people start with $0, no budget and create a charity event that drew thousands of children from 10 cities, live news coverage, local celebrity appearances, and get a community together for the cause?  Even surprised the crud out of me?


You take your vision, your passion and believe in it so much, know how to communicate effectively and show everyone, from the inside out, their own reason to be excited too.

Infection can be evil, or it can be good. I propose we have a lot to learn from viruses.  I propose that Joy is just as easy to spread as Hate, but your heart has to be in it if you are to become a Source.

Me?  So far my talent for infection has largely been used to help charities.  And I’m excited if after our conversation someone is more likely to pick up a hook or consider crochet in a new light or be even able to tell the difference between crochet and knit or even weaving.  I’m especially excited when I have demystified something. It’s been a little while since I’ve actively infected someone.

Not to sound too much like Dr. Evil or anything….

I think it’s time to set my sights on new goals and higher aspirations in crochet as an art form.  It is time to infect the internet and the world with global domination of the versatility, practicality and coolness of crochet.  I seek a cro-pocalypse.  A veritable domain of the hook, with zombie-like contagion and cult indoctrination – only without the blood, flesh craving and Kool-aid.

But let’s leave the Borg mentality out of it.  Crochet thrives best on flavors of individuality.  It is after all derived from a single, lone hook.  (Though I’m not against experimenting with two!)

It’s time fellow crocheters. Whatever it is in crochet that you love to do.  Whatever part of the large crochet umbrella you specialize in… fill your soul and infect your world!  😉

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32 responses to “Cro-pocalypse: The Rise of Crochet

  1. Amen sister! Love everything about this post!!!!

  2. I love the idea, although if everyone could crochet I would lose my customer base.
    PS Don’t throw out the kool-aid, I hear it’s good for dying yarn. 🙂

    • Now that’s funny Richard. “Don’t drink the kool-aid….! Save it for the yarn!” 😀

      It’s not really about people picking up a hook as much as it’s about getting people excited about it as an art and demystifying some old ideas. An evolution is underway. I believe there will always be a market for people like you and me. And the more people appreciate crochet, the better over all.

      Richard is a crochet designer from Australia and my fellow night owl at noon! 😉 You can read his blog adventures at:

  3. Love this! Love when people get excited about creating… I have been in a bit of a slump lately… It’s time to get back on track!

    I am eagerly awaiting the Cro-pocalypse (love that term – may i borrow it?)!


  4. hehehe I like that. infect the world with crochet!! 😉

  5. Fantastic post! Great to have met you in person and talk extensively about crochet (etc!).

    LOL @ “Cro-pocalypse! 🙂

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  8. Agreed Julia! This is *not* your grandmother’s crochet anymore! I am happily spreading the infection!
    P.S. Love the blog ❤

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  11. sewreclaimed

    Love Your Article! This is exactly how I feel about Sewing! Everyone who asks about what I do, they soon come down with, Sewing Machine Fever”! Glad I found you on Headliner..I will happily Recommend your Headline! Smiles!

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  13. Dan

    I get the oddest looks, as a big biker dude, when I crochet in the airport. But, so much better than sitting there drooling in a departure lounge on a 2 hour ground hold.

    • Ha! That is awesome Dan! I used to get strange looks at college when I’d strap my giant bag of crochet onto the back of my motorcycle too. Hey what’s not to love? Perhaps some day we’ll plan a rally, converge at a tea shop and break out the hooks!

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  19. Aw geez Jules, do we HAVE to give up flesh craving? heh Well spoken!

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  22. KyTransplant

    Try checking out the YouTube videos for making sleeping mats for the homeless … All it takes is plastic shopping bags and a crochet hook! What a way to put your passions to work to benefit others!!

    • Oh yes, that was especially popular in the 2000’s. Austin’s a bag free city though. And my passions already help cancer patients and orphan diseases. I do more crochet for charity than anything else these days, with my husband fighting stage 4 brain cancer, et all.

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