A Little Ami For Baby Ally

Visited John’s god-daughter Sat to celebrate her little one’s 1st birthday. I made a lemon-lime with flower ears for her. Forgot my safety eyes, so cross-stitched face had to do.




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5 responses to “A Little Ami For Baby Ally

  1. Leave it to you to have two blogs. I was following the other blog. Hey, add me to your blogroll. Please. Hugs. A

    • Hey Andrea,

      LOL! Yeah, I’m pretty much trying to consolidate. I actually have more than two, but yeah, this is the active one. I decided that I didn’t need a separate blog for Nablopomo. Oh and just wait – the kids each have one now too! I’ll be posting theirs when they get going.

      OK babe, have you added to my blogroll now!


      Andrea is my oldest friend – known me longer than anyone. And she crochets! You can find her blog at: http://aaaandreaaaascreativememories.blogspot.com. Don’t expect to find out any secrets though. 😉

  2. Let me know when the kiddies are blogging. I will sell secrets for the right price. JK. Love yah, girl. A

    • I know what a rock you are! LOL! Yeah, Jess is working on the “perfect” banner for hers, which will have a lot of her drawings. JT is working on photos of his Lego creations. Which will become a great exercise to get him to write more about things he loves. 😉