Online Adventures: Where I’m Learning Today

Thanks to yesterday’s efforts, I’m sitting in a fairly peaceful and debris-free dining room while I type, before buckling down and digging back into the house-remodeling-and-moving tasks at demand.  It’s nice for a break, even though I know this table will necessarily be full of paperwork yet again soon.

So I’m catching up real “quick” on Twitter and blog stats and all that this morning. My blog post from a week ago, “Cro-pocalypse: The Rise of Crochet” has received rave reviews and attention. Awesome! 🙂 It was so much fun to write. I’m glad others are enjoying it too.

I meant to post another blog entry this week, but it took a back burner (as it must) to the house business. Unfortunately, I still wear too many hats. And getting this house ready for sale is a priority. I’ll tell that story later though.

But not today. I’m enjoying the calm right now.

So this morning during my life pause, Laurie from over at the Crochet Liberation Front had me checking out It’s an interesting service that taps into your Twitter account and then analyzes what your “clout” and essentially your influence is. I have props for being influential in crochet, technology, and others. I can accept that. But I found it hilarious that I’m supposedly influential about BACON. As in the food.

Adding to my amusement with the whole thing is that I know why I rated influential in bacon at all. 🙂 All because of a simple, humorous yet pointed tweet made by Scott from UnMarketing.

“The only excuse for making your Facebook event invite ALL-CAPS is if there is FREE BACON. Otherwise, stop it.”

I retweeted his post the old fashioned way with “RT.” I wasn’t the only one who found it retweet-able. Others retweeted (RT) my tweet the newer way, via the retweet button. Hence, on Klout – I receive credit for being influential in the bacon realm. Bacon, bacon, bacon. I can’t even eat real bacon. One of my very real major allergies. Hrmph.

Anyway, my fellow crocheter Maven says Klout’s is to Twitter accounts kind of like Technorati is for blogs. Speaking of them, Technorati has an interesting article on the value of Klout.  So since I’m still learning about it too, I refer you there to learn more yourself.

Oh, and speaking of internet related stuff, I ended up signing up for Listia. It’s kind of like eBay, and yet it’s not, because there’s not really any money involved. It’s mostly about bidding on free stuff by use of credits, which you can earn. And when you join they start you out with some free credits to play with.  It’s a little hard to explain, but I think if you go look at it, it’ll make more sense.

So I’m testing that out. I might list some yarn there, who knows. Will let you know what I think about it for sure once I’ve had a good run of figuring it out. Right now, I’ve already made my first n00b mistake and bid on an auction that said “local pick up only” without it stating anywhere in the auction where the seller was actually located, other than “United States.” N00b move for us both.  I just found out they’re in NY. Figures.

Well, that’s my latest news about online tools.  Now, it’s time for me to get my work clothes on and tear into the garage. If we’re to do carpet for the kids room, we need to move bunks somewhere. I miss having a bunch of college friends I could bribe with beer and pizza. Money didn’t matter as long as friends, beer and pizza were involved. Somehow I think those days are gone.

Wish me luck and willpower to plow through amazing feats today. 😉 I wish you answered wishes back!



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5 responses to “Online Adventures: Where I’m Learning Today

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy with various online stuff. Klout is intriguing – I found out today that I rank in crochet (not surprising) and Jewish (can’t think of a single post ever that had anything to do with anything Jewish?) It’ll be interesting to see how it develops over time.

  2. I think that though it makes an initial analysis, every time someone gives you K+, it will hone that even more so. Still, it is funny what it seems to peg us for, huh? And if there are businesses seriously using Klout as “research” it should make for something interesting at the least?

  3. Haha. Bacon. That one made me laugh because I know how you are with and about BACON. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll again. Now, I get monthly e-mails from you. Nice huh? I hope you plowed through the house. If you would pay my gas, and let me bring my dogs I would help you with your house. May be even feed me a little bread from the yummy bakery. I need to pick up those cool faucets anyway. Next two weeks SMU, but will be still a bit free before I go back to work. Take care.

  4. Andrea, dear friend, I would love that. I totally need 3rd party assistance. Will call you to follow up.

  5. OK. Do that. Just read your latest post. Hugs.

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