The Tiniest Crochet Hook Made These!


Aside from the tiny antique crochet hook in the next photo, pliers and these other tools were necessary to create this look. The wooden crochet hook helped block the lace loops.  Pliers helped pull the needle as needed to tie in threads.


I not only put together this skull cameo, but crocheted lace around the cameo frame by crocheting directly onto it.


This is the tiniest crochet hook I’ve ever owned along with the tiny butterfly pendant I crocheted with it. I don’t know a lot about this kind of hook, but I am blessed to own a few. I know they are antique, precisely hand-cut and made in England. And they are the best quality hooks of this tiny size I’ve found. The handle says No. 9, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with modern crochet hook sizes.  But I estimate this to be maybe a size 16 or smaller??

These butterflies were created by crocheting around a tiny tag like this one, with my tiny antique hook.

It took me about 45 minutes, start to finish, to crochet, secure and finish off one of these. So how much would you think they are worth? What would you charge for one? I plan to put a jump ring on each of these and crochet chokers for each to hang from. But I’m considering the idea of offering some up by themselves. Maybe earrings. Not sure yet.



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4 responses to “The Tiniest Crochet Hook Made These!

  1. Kinnicchick

    Very sweet! (That cameo is pretty darned cool all by itself but the crochet really sets it apart!)

  2. They would look great on small hoop earrings and good on regular earwires. Use sterling silver or maybe artisan coated copper wire depending on how much people want to spend. To make an ear wire: Fold the wire in half, make a small loop. Bend it then take the straight part and bend over a fat pen. To make hoops find a pipe or handle or anything small and round cylinder shape. Hold end of wire on one end and wrap wire around the cylinder several times into a coil. Then cut the ends off leaving it on the pipe. Take a round nose pliers and make a tiny circle. Then cut the other end of your hoop just past the end of the tiny circle. Bend up the tip of the straight end voila could buy earwires from several places like firemountaingems or thunderbirdsupply or riogrande.

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