Every Day Can Be Friday…

“Every day can be Friday, if you just don’t think about it like it’s Monday.”

These were the words my 12 year old son spoke to me this afternoon in the car on the way home.  Wisdom in that, young one.  Perhaps there’s more to the fact that his name looks like a mirror image of (a recent discovery from making my punny pumpkin shirt).

And this on the tail end of hearing from an enlightened stranger today, “They? Who are “they” who say that you can’t?  Forget what “they” say can and can’t be done.  I want to know who “they” are and where are “they” anyhow?  You want to do something, just do it. Forget what others say.”  I had been staring at Christmas trees at a local home improvement store, lamenting the “fact” that I would not be able to sell my house before the end of the year, because it’s not the right time of year to do it.  And I’ve been feeling discouraged.  And tired.  Shows are important this year to break even.  I haven’t been able to focus on the house while getting ready for shows.  I find that I work best when I focus solely on one thing at a time.  The house is pretty much fixed; it’s just time and logistics now.  And we need to sit down, forecast and put together a plan that takes into account everyone’s needs and obligations.

These were messages I needed today.  I’ve been thinking like Monday lately and I know better.  And I’ve been discouraged about keeping up with some things.  I guess I just need to own that I can’t do it all.  And as simple as that sounds.  As much as I already know this.  It’s like another layer of understanding of what that actually means is revealing itself to me.  Even if it means I must own letting someone down.

Something to meditate upon.


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