“Mommy: Which Would You Rather Have To Fight In A Tank – A Tarantula Or A T-Rex?”

I take my head-phones off.  My son just came barreling into the kitchen.  “What?” I ask. 

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sipping coffee at the table, enjoying the quiet while typing.  I’m working on a blog post.  Well… I was.  Until now.

It’s another one of those convoluted questions he throws in my lap when my head is completely dedicated to something else already.  And I’m not even really awake yet. 

He repeats the question.

“Wait,” I ask. “So the tarantula and the T-Rex are in the tank?  And I’m outside the tank trying to fight them?” I’m trying to visualize a tarantula and mini t-rex in a tank.

“No!” He says.  “You’re in the tank! It’s for the game I’m programming.”

“Oh, so I’m in the tank with them, trying to fight them?”

“No! Only you are in the tank, they are outside.”

“Wait, so I’m in the tank and a giant tarantula or T-Rex is trying to attack me?” 


Since my brain was literally torn from the job it was tasked with when he popped his question, I’m struggling harder than usual to visualize and a scene from Honey I Shrunk The Kids comes to mind.

“Why am I trapped in a tank trying to fight a giant Tarantula or T-Rex? Shouldn’t they be in the tank if there’s a tank at all? Am I miniature or something?”

I clearly do not understand.  I see no logic in this game scenario. 

“No Mommy! You are in a military tank – shooting at them!”



New light is dawning on my morning coffee brain.

“I thought you meant something like a fish tank.”

Well… when you’re talking about a tarantula and a tank, of course I thought of pets!  And of course I was way off base.  No wonder it seemed so illogical to me as a game.

“No Mommy!” He puts his hands on his cheeks, staring at me incredulously.

Yeah, I don’t care for that look and my inner self pokes fun at me.

“Hehe.  That’s the look that says: ‘Am I really related to these people?‘  I thought you never wanted your kids to have that look.” 

You know what?  Shut up self!  I’m just tired, OK?  Now get on with answering your son!

“Oh.  OK, well I guess I’d rather fight the tarantula,” I say.  “I know more about them.”

“Too bad!” he quips.  “You’re fighting both!”


My Surreal Life on Sunday morning: October 7, 2012



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8 responses to ““Mommy: Which Would You Rather Have To Fight In A Tank – A Tarantula Or A T-Rex?”

  1. This was great,Thanks to you (and your son) for a much needed smile 🙂 Oh so does your tank have any special powers?

  2. Becky

    That’s great I will have to spring that on my six year old. Maybe I can beat him to the punch for once.

  3. If it was a normal sized tarantula I would rather not be in a tank as it could probably crawl in and then I’d be trying to avoid it in a cramped space. If it is a giant one then I would be happier in the tank! I think a tank would be good protection against a giant tarantula as I doubt it could get through the thick iron skin with its mandibles and even if it was fast moving and hard to hit I would not be too worried. I’d think a tank would beat a T-Rex too, I’m not sure it could bite through thick metal either. Unless it was a genetically enhanced T-Rex with steel chomping teeth… then I’d be wondering how fast the tank could go and whether it was faster 🙂

    • That was the greatest reply Kristi! LOL! I read it to my son this morning. He stared at me, “You did what?” Then I had to explain that yes, I wrote a blog post about him asking me about a tank, a tarantula and a t-rex. He says you can increase your armor and speed with upgrades. Then he shook his head and looked at my mischievous grin while I start typing. Yes, yes, I am posting your answer son…. 😉

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