When waters threaten to overwhelm…

Dealing with grief and trauma…

It’s like handling an onion.

Cut back a layer, more tears.
More “lessons.”
More insight.
New “weaknesses.”
New strength that takes you awhile to recognize.

Sometimes it feels like multiple events chain together.

What I can tell you is that you must invest in more than the “big” things.

You must invest in little moments and little successes.

Humans desperately need to be of service.
They need to be of value.
They need to make a difference.
Life must have a meaning.
And they need more than just a few micro joys.

That is what offsets our darkness.

If there are not enough investments into the bank account of our positive experiences, when the negative and the demanding experiences come (and they always will), we risk overdraft.

There’s not enough positive to offset the negative.

It hurts our psyche. And then it gets taken out of our very organs and cells to try to compensate.

Even when you don’t feel like it, it’s important to invest in the tiny Joys that life can offer.

Find something different. Find something soul feeding for you.

Invest your time with your family. You never know when that’s going to change.

And you don’t want to feel like you ever missed out.

Even when you don’t feel like it, be your own fairy god mother and grant yourself a wish.

Put yourself to bed.

Nurture and reassure the hurting child inside.

Don’t be afraid to talk it out with a counselor. It’s not always appropriate to use family or friends to talk it out with.

Lean on your spiritual beliefs and look for answers in the little things.

Not sure what you believe?  Then begin a pilgrimage to find that.

Take it slow and savor each moment.

Much love. You can do this.

Last thing: write a letter.

Get out everything you want to say, and maybe don’t know yet that you do.

It’s not for others to see. You can even burn it later. But say in that letter everything you wish you could out loud.

I promise it helps.


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One response to “When waters threaten to overwhelm…

  1. Victoria

    Hugs right back at you xxxxx


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