Austin Craft Riot is Over…

It was a pleasant time visiting at Austin Craft Riot today with Megan of @Love_evol.  She dropped by my booth at opening time and we chatted up our love of crochet and desire to get some hookin’ gals together.  We’re totally going to have to do this drop-in crochet somewhere in Austin thing y’all.  And maybe serve some Fearless Leader’s Crochet Bacon for fun!

ACR may be over, but you can catch me next weekend with a handful of other local handmade artisans out at East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.) at spot #67, hosted by Flatfork Studio.  My friend Sam will be uploading photos from this weekend soon, so check out the link.

Located over by Tito’s Vodka, this is a fun spot with lots of interesting artistic and handmade joy from nearly two dozen artists in one stop!  This will be the 3rd year that Lola the Nubian Queen (one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting) will be present with her famous Cajun gumbo and cooking benefiting her program to feed the homeless.  Also, every year that I’ve had the privilege of being at this location, Tito’s has also offered complimentary vodka drinks.  I hear they have a new airstream bar this year!  Faith of Flatfork Studio has some crazy killer sculptures and a giant seesaw that looks like a piece of watermelon.  Made for adults in mind too!  Not to mention there will be handmade goodies from myself and a handful of my friends and colleagues.  Oh and even a couple picnic tables if you want to rest and eat.

If you’re going on the tour, this is one spot not to miss! Let me know if you plan to drop by ~~~~!

@ObeyCrochet and @Love_evol say they might be dropping by.  How ’bout you???


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