Me And ObeyCrochet At Austin Craft Riot!

Look! It’s Ms. Stephanie Toppin a.k.a. Obey Crochet in the flesh! At my booth!  She came all the way out from Houston, braving bad traffic and all, to visit Austin Craft Riot!  Oh Snap!  Forgot to show her my crochet bacon project.  And ask for another pin since my others have been appropriated.  (See, I’m sporting my Crochet @Cama pins!)

Stephanie’s a beautiful, funny gal and we really need to have a crochet convention of our own here folks.  Seriously.  A crochet convergence somewhere  in Texas.  Hey!  That could be the name!  ACCST!  She was telling me about the crazy quilt show Houston puts on.  Where the quilting grannies are intense and if you make the wrong move….  Well, you gotta hear her tell the story.  She promised to blog about it, so stay tuned.

The photo was taken by my new friend Jennifer, who was helping Joyce of @GypsyHarte, an incredible felting artist.  She was saying we should do the photo in front of my booth.  Which is a good idea.  But all you can really see from my booth is my spider web parasol. But it’s a good photo!  Which doesn’t happen for me often!

It was nice to meet in person and spend time with you Stephanie!  I wish we could have had time for tea.  One of these days, we must converge on a couch with our favorite drinks, hooks and yarn in tow.  I’m looking forward to meeting Megan from @Love_evol tomorrow! 😀




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2 responses to “Me And ObeyCrochet At Austin Craft Riot!

  1. Woot! It was great meeting you in the real life form!

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