Five Positive Things…

I remember hearing once that humans need an emotional and experiential bank account, just as much as we might need monetary savings.  That every positive experience is a deposit into that bank account.  And that every negative experience draws against our savings.

Since negative experiences use up so much energy (why is that?), it’s important that we have a larger bank balance of positive things to make up for the negative draws that come in life.  It’s our job in life to invest in our positive returns.

However, when the balance sheet gets out of whack, when negative experiences (and actions) outweigh the balance of the positive, we can actually go bankrupt, emotionally and mentally.  The withdrawals finally pushing us into the red and even taking a toll on our physical health.

I believe that attitude is a magical place of being that magnifies our experiences, both positive and negative.  I believe that when we focus on nothing more than survival, we do not really live and do not really fill up our banks.  I believe when we are too afraid to take risks, we deny ourselves potential growth in returns.  I believe that the relationships we forge in this life are gems that accrue interest.  And that the memories and experiences we choose to create are like the parable of the talents.  We are all given them.  How rich and colorful they are is up to us.

No matter what experiences others may place in my path, I have the ultimate power to create any experience for myself that I wish.  And with good tending, those positive experiences beget more positive experiences.  And eventually, my returns are so great.  Like stocks, my “money” begins to work for me to make more “money…” and I am simply rich… if I choose to be.

I don’t believe the Law of Attraction is simply a wishing game, but a life of active investment and participation.

And so…

I choose…

Five Positive Things

1. No matter how tired my dear hubby may be, he comes home to me with an evil smile, a swooning kiss and a love I never doubt.  Today he worked from home, which made it easier with son home sick too.

2. I had the most amazing meal tonight, especially for a Tuesday, cooked by my dearest.  Going out to eat is often a disappointment thanks to him.  He cooks on Tuesdays while I take dear daughter to taekwondo.  And to think we’re saving money!

3. The people at Whole Foods were incredibly positive and polite to me today.  I’m sure they are all the time, but I haven’t been there in a while.  It was nice to have someone cheerfully ring me up.

4. I spent some lovely one-on-one time with my daughter today.  We shared a few jokes and hid a t-shirt for dad for Christmas.

5. My son was home sick today, but between naps and moaning, his fever came down and he read 3/4 of a book and enjoyed it.  Two years ago, he couldn’t see well enough to enjoy reading.  Today, we have just 10 more sessions of vision therapy to go.  (We hope.)

6. (I had to add one more.)  Our house is officially sold in just little more than another day.  I have spent 16.5 years here.  I spent 17.5 years in the house I grew up in.  Change is afoot.

What about you? What are five positive things for you?



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7 responses to “Five Positive Things…

  1. 1. I’ve written more than 20 thousand words this month! Even if I am slightly behind on NaNoWriMo I can catch up, I will finish!

    2. My cat is very cuddly 🙂

    3. I had two good outings at the weekend, one with my parents, the other with my husband.

    4. I found a lovely old bone crochet hook, about 4.5mm, at the antique fair and have been using it, it seems happy to be used again 🙂 I wonder when it last crocheted, I wonder who used it before me.

    5. If I count my blessings, there are more than 5 🙂 it’s much better for me than complaining, thank you!

  2. Positive reinforcement! We could all use a little more positivity! Stopping by from NaBloPoMo … thanks for the uplift!

  3. Reblogged this on untoldsecretsinfo and commented:
    positive mental attitudes is what i luv,thank you keep up the great work…this wasvery thoughtful and inspiring to read…peace

  4. Life is always better when you focus on the positive. I did the #30daysofhappiness via The Smile Epidemic not too long ago. It showed me that no matter how bad your day might go, there’s always something that happened to make you smile. Stay positive!

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