Don’t Put That Spoon In The Microwave

“Don’t put that spoon in the microwave,” I tell my 12 year old son.

“Don’t worry,” he says. “Unfortunately I’m not a moron in that way.”

“Ummm…” I say. “You mean to say ‘fortunately’ son.”

“No, I don’t,” he tells me.

“I mean unfortunately. Because I really would like to see what would happen.”

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8 responses to “Don’t Put That Spoon In The Microwave

  1. I think it would be awesome if @MythBusters would show my son what would happen so he is not tempted to do this at home, ever. Especially since some guy at an appliance store said the whole thing is a fallacy. (What? Please don’t say that in front of my kids!) That and he also asked about gunpowder. It would be a tremendous public service to all the moms in the world.

  2. Amy

    So it would make the microwave explode??

    • I don’t really know for sure. I have heard all sorts of things from fires to shorting out the microwave itself, from something as simple as warming up Chinese food and not thinking about the metal handle on the box.

      Or do you mean the gunpowder? Lord, I have no idea, but I’m not of the notion to find out.

  3. I found your blog via the NaBloPoMo blogroll. I’m doing the project, too. I decided that as part of it I’d stop by and say “hi!” to some of the other ppl on the blogroll. That being said…

    Great story. Made me laugh. I hope that Mythbusters does investigate this. We all need to know the truth on this one!

    • Hey Ally! Thanks! Yeah, I have quirky kids. I call it “My Surreal Life As A Mom” and try to write about everything I can if for no other reason than as a record to remember later. Maybe use as blackmail material too. I don’t know if I got @Mythbusters attention or not, but tweeted them about it.

      Good luck with NaBloPoMo as well! I look forward to checking out your blog!


  4. madcroscientist

    Haha! Kids are way too funny. But hey, points to him for his honesty. I’d totally be interested too. I’ve heard it has to do with the metal arcing in the machine and oh, you made me curious! I found this –

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