Are You Blogging About Crochet?

Because if you are, I want to hear from you.

How about Tweeting about crochet?  Likewise.  Oh and don’t forget to use the #crochet hashtag when you do.

Though I should clarify, if you’re a linker on Twitter, I probably won’t follow you back.  You gotta interact with your followers.  Sorry, that’s just what it’s all about.  (I know, if you’re new to twitter, it can be confusing. I’ll write an article on that later.)

What am I up to?  It’s developing rather organically and not clearly defined yet, but you can call it crochet conniving.  Refer back to my post Cro-pocalypse: The Rise of Crochet.  It was written tongue in cheek, but I am also somewhat serious.

Crochet suffers a deficit online, as least in the US.   Obey Crochet has also written about this.  She is not the only crocheter who thought she was alone in the world.

And more than that, there’s the average public ideas of what crochet actually is to enlighten.  Sure, doilies and granny squares are awesome.  But there’s so much more than that!  Tapestry Crochet, Tunisian Crochet, Broomstick Lace, Miniature Crochet, and Freeform Crochet, just to name a few of the many, many variations out there.

There’s just so much more.  And overall crochet is an incredibly portable craft, not to mention relaxing (ok, once you’ve got the hang of it).  AND its the only fiber art left that cannot yet be truly replicated by a machine.  Even that mass-produced stuff you see at the store, is hand created, often by children.  It behooves us to preserve this distinguishable art.

If you like crochet, join the quest to celebrate it!  😀

Did you know these are also crochet?

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10 responses to “Are You Blogging About Crochet?

  1. Wow!!! That Esmerelda dress is breathtaking! I blog about crochet & run my own little Etsy shop. I’m finding it hard to network with other crocheters that aren’t just link spamming all of the time. I do promote my shop with tweeting, but I am mostly personal on there.

    I love crochet so much. There is so many ways to do it and it always looks so amazing. I tried learning the Tunisian stitch last night and it is awesome! I’m addicted to crochet! haha


  2. Thanks for this great post!!

    I have 4 crochet blogs: is the original one and is 5 years old or so. It won the Best Crochet Blog award this year, and I try to post there more often because of that, but I also started a bi-weekly Crochet Inspirations newsletter that has hogged my blogging time while I juggle my writing time better! came next, and then once I opened my own crochet site, I added and .

    In Twitter I’m @vashtirama, and keep my tweets to 95% real crochet. (Not hype, not spam, not yarn-selling! etc). Like blogging, I’m juggling how I can tweet more often.

  3. As a challenge to myself I have bought the yarn to make one of Aoibhe Ni’s beautiful crochet shawls.

  4. When you do find a crochet blog and get all excited because the first couple of things you see are interesting, smack-now it’s about family illness or bad hair days or mom didn’t know me today. Put that stuff on some other blog. I like pure crochet blogs, like mine. Crochet. Nothing else.
    I know your kids are cute and you love your hubby, but I don’t care when I’m trolling for crochet. Just crochet. Ha! There are endless possibilities. So let’s blog about it. Crochet is so relaxing and takes your mind off your troubles, therefore we should enjoy crochet and not rant about the troubles.
    Simply enjoy crochet every day. If only one hour, take it, steal it, borrow it from the day. Make it yours, and you will find serenity.
    Oh, I think my passion is leading me on, so I’ll stop here.

    • While I applaud your crochet passion, I can’t agree in having nothing but in every case. I find blogs dedicated to subjects impersonally to be quite uninteresting. It’s well known that an artist shoots themselves in the foot when they never share anything about who they are. People do not simply buy or support art, they buy/support a person, an experience and a story. The most successful artists are always available personally to their audiences. Those who are not, are rarely taken as seriously by their fellow artists. And anyone who really desires to forward the art of crochet is pretty much in line with supporting the community behind what makes crochet what it is. I don’t care what my crochet sisters choose to share, as long as they do. And the blogging community understands the importance of meaningful sharing in all we are passionate about. That’s what makes it blogging. Me personally, most of what I write is crochet related somehow, but I’m also a writer and NaBloPoMo participant. I use my crochet blog not just to communicate with other crocheters, but to hone my writing skills. Every November this blog competes internationally in that regard. I’ll never give that up.

      So while I have no problem with completely crochet dedicated impersonal blogs on crochet, I find it’s a rare attraction not desirable on the whole. And personally, unless it’s dedicated to technique, I find it quite boring. I want to know not just what you crocheted today, but why and how you live life too. How does all that fit together. To each his own.

  5. Pat cooney

    Just found your blog. Those who love crochet will love it

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