I don’t have to agree with you to find value in what you have to say

You know, a common (perhaps even fear based) block occurred to me this morning.

It’s a prevalent misnomer to think we have to embrace or commit to another point of view in order to gain from it or find value in it – we don’t.

Listening, learning, considering other points of view does not somehow lock us down.

It does not place chains on us. If anything, it makes us free.

The value is in the exchange, testing and even the voicing of ideas.

The keeping of ideas is not as laudable as reasoning and consideration.

We don’t have to agree in order to both be right.

And when you are fearless enough to accept that truth, the value that cracks open from that geode is breathtaking really.

We are amazing, intelligent and creative creatures.

Even when we don’t agree.





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12 responses to “I don’t have to agree with you to find value in what you have to say

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  2. This is such a good point. I think there is the potential for more learning when we’re faced with opinions that we don’t necessarily agree with. While we don’t have to take them on board they can really help us think more about our own perspectives on things. I try to imagine if we all just sat around agreeing with each other all day – what a boring world it would be!

    • If everyone agreed… Sounds like the plot for a scifi thriller to me. But you’re right – I know that I have grown thanks to being challenged by viewpoints I would not have otherwise thought of, and situations I would not have chosen. I think it’s important to take each thing that crosses our path and see what we’re supposed to gain from it. Not all things are for us to pick up. But sometimes the experience of meeting them is all we need.

  3. The Widow Badass

    Excellent post. We should all remember it’s Ok to agree to disagree.

  4. I completely agree.
    If people would cool their jets for a few moments, not take everything as a personal attack and consider things/ideas/different points of view for a change, Life might open up and be a tad more tolerable.
    Because it’s difficult fighting the world on your own terms all the time.
    Nice post.

  5. This is really thinking outside of the box. Or geode.

  6. I think that it is commendable to listen, learn and consider other points of view but to not let them compromise your own values, integrity and ideals by doing so. If we agree on absolutely everything then it is apropos to nothing. So, I guess I agree with your post. How about that? Very cool 🙂

  7. Exactly. In a constantly changing world, we really do live in different realities from each other. There is so much beauty in diversity, but instead we want to just stick to our own reality as if it is the only real thing, shunning each other and the experiences that they bring which may be completely different from our own. But who can be Right, when we are all in the same struggling to live.

  8. We can say, “Yes, and” instead of just yes or no.

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