Sweater of Shame…

Todd in the Sweater of Shame

Meet Todd.

He’s the baby.

Even though he’s not the youngest kitty baby in the house anymore.

He’s always had a most expressive face.

And he’s in trouble for squatting over in the corner by the window, and taking a whiz.

He hopes the kittens get the message that the window is his and he doesn’t want them near it.

He might have gotten away with it, except he did it right in front of us.

Todd is a happy pee-er. And a jealous pee-er. It’s not always a problem, but when he’s in the mood, he’ll pee on something just because he’s so happy, or because he’s so competitive.

That’s when out trots the Sweater of Shame. This isn’t the original sweater, but it’s just as effective.

For whatever reason, Todd is always thoroughly embarrassed by the Sweater.

None of my other cats ever cared enough. But the punishment is perfect for Todd.

Instead of showing off his tail, he slinks around with the sweater on as if to say, don’t look at me!

He won’t run or jump or misbehave if the sweater is on.

And he won’t pee on anything.

But he will sit and search your face for pity.





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9 responses to “Sweater of Shame…

  1. I love the expression on his face, he looks less than happy about it! What gave you the idea for the sweater?

    • Our cats are indoor babies (too many coyotes and wild boar in our area). We picked up a couple of sweaters for our geriatric cats who seem to be cold all the time in the winter in spite of being indoors. Also in spite of our very mild winters, because let’s face it – Central Texas does not experience winter like other places in the world. (Though the humidity at freezing temps does suck a bit.) But anyway, then one winter night Toadly was busy picking fights with one of the geriatric babies. So John and I decided we needed to put a sweater on Todd (since it was chilly) and send him to the garage for a time out. We had 5 cats then. Sometimes you just have to separate the babies when they get cranky. Imagine our surprise when we pulled the sweater on him, set him down in the garage, and he started creeping around on his belly like he’d been wounded. He hated it! And he kept looking up at us with deep soulful, pitiful eyes. But for some reason, while the geriatric cats generally could figure out pulling off the sweater, he couldn’t. Hence the perfect punishment for Toadly was discovered. It sometimes works with the other cats, but always with Todd.

      • That’s brilliant! Glad you found a solution to the problem 🙂 I only have one cat and one dog; they generally get on okay but the cat is most definitely the boss! We do sometimes have to move them away from each other, but that’s more for the dog’s sake than the cat’s!

  2. Love this! Beautiful sweater, BTW. Also, seems like the links to the last two posts you’ve sent via email are not working. I click on the link and get “page not found” message. By doing a search, I can find your article. Thanks for your posts. I look forward to reading them.

    • Thanks Bcre8v, I’m not sure what happened. The posts auto-send to email. Maybe a JetPack update went awry. I didn’t knit the sweater (as I don’t knit). I found it on the Christmas clearance rack at PetsMart. It’s supposedly for a dog, but you know, cats are 4-legged friends too.

  3. Found your blog from the NaBloPoMo link on Blissful Lemon and am catching up with previous posts … deepest condolences on the loss of your husband. 😦 So very sorry.

    But, oh, that sweater of shame … 🙂

  4. I like that idea very much, wonder if it would work for every cat, but he does look rather cute wearing it.

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