NaBloPoMo Roll Call…

It’s that time of year. If you can’t tell already, I’m participating in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) again. Anyone else? If I’ve calculated correctly, it’ll be my 10th year. As I recall, my first NaBlo was the first year I did Maker Faire Austin in 2007.

There is some question as to whether NaBloPoMo is going to continue officially. I’ll fill you in on that story in a separate post. Regardless, in the mean time, I’m going to get on with it for my own benefit.

Writing is something I love, but also something that helps me filter through adversity. The annual challenge is one of the few difficult creative things I really enjoy. And I’ve only lost the challenge once, due to lack of internet access one Thanksgiving.

John didn’t want me skipping out on the challenge just because of him. Not last year, not this year. He’s been urging me to write my books for the last few years. And we were working on some ideas together. (He’s a writer too.)

OK, so… I’m doing NaBloPoMo this year. This time will be by far the hardest yet. This week in particular. Only 4 days in and it’s definitely a worthy challenge already, because everything’s raw and my motivation isn’t really there. John’s not here to collaborate with like usual. But… I’m going to try. A tag-a-long of the efforts John and I took together – to transmute the negative into a different experience.

Writing isn’t a bad way to work on that. I know it’ll be a worthy exercise in writing practice regardless. It always is. And if I can use some of what we’ve learned from glioblastoma to help others, well… that’s a win too and part of what John wanted. Though by far, I cannot bring myself to write about brain cancer too often. And this blog is not the place for all of that. Like last year, I’ve registered my brain cancer blog as well. But I’ve already missed some days writing for that one. So I’ll just do what I can there and focus on my writing home here for the challenge. No matter how many blogs I end up managing or writing for, this is always the home I return to. My “me” place I guess.

This week is the hardest to make NaBloPoMo work, with John’s funeral approaching, but thankfully I sketched some thoughts ahead. And one thing the last 18 months taught me to do, since digital advertising is my “day job,” is to trust the process, stay disciplined about time, write and edit quickly and get back to the grind. My goal this year is simpler – just keep going and don’t quit. Even if I do miss a day.

So, now your turn. Are you participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge?

If you are, please be sure to post your blog in the comments below so I can follow you and share support!



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9 responses to “NaBloPoMo Roll Call…

  1. I’m taking part in NaBloPoMo and this is my first year of doing it. I couldn’t find any official information about it for this year but I still wanted to take part and test my ability to write every day. I was sorry to read about John, and I hope that your writing helps you process what has happened. I’m sure you already know this, but allow yourself time. People often think they need to work through things within a certain time period. I say that’s just not true. Take time for you and I hope you can access support if you need it. I’ll keep you in my thoughts for John’s funeral.

    • Thank you MindOverMeta,

      Welcome to the November challenge! It’s my favorite way to push my writing skills. And I like the holiday spirit that sort of permeates it too.

      I’m definitely not rushing anything. John was half my soul. I won’t be over him ever, much less soon. I’m sure I’ll always have something to work through about losing him. Even if time helps some. If anything, I want to process everything quite thoroughly. I want to remember everything. If I weren’t a writer at heart and didn’t find it edifying and cathartic, it might be something I’d stay away from. But fact is, it helps me sort things out. So much has happened to us in the last 2 years. A PTSD of sorts. And I need to put life and perspective into a refreshed order again. November writing has always been a source of joy for me, so there’s that too. That said, I know this is how I feel right now, during these 5 minutes. That could change 5 more minutes from now too. And I’m OK with that. And I’ve found that I have to shift the energy of my day every so often. That’s why my goal is not so much to finish the challenge as it is to keep writing. And not clam up. Because I know me.

  2. Just came across your blog (NaBloPoMo – me, too). I’m very sorry for your loss. You have my deepest sympathy on the loss of your husband.

  3. That’s good you will be participating this year too. 10 years is a long time that you have been doing NaBloPoMo, congrats! that’s a lot of work. This is my first year doing it, and it has been a fun exercise so far to challenge myself and see what I can come up with to blog about for 30 days. Good luck!

    • It’s my favorite way to push writing skills. Even when you feel like you’re up against a brick wall to get a post out (cough, cough – Thanksgiving dinner, et all), sometimes something brilliant happens. Welcome to the challenge and good luck Lisa! ❤❤

  4. I hadn’t realized that John’s loss was so recent. Like MindOverMeta said above, take all the time you need for yourself during this challenge. We will all understand if you need a break and we’ll all be here regardless. So glad to have “met” you through #NaBloPoMo.

    • Thank you so much Melissa, yeah it was really recent. I’ve been writing about much of the journey all along, just not all here. Writing gets me through. And I’m hoping I come out to the other side of November with a little more healing on my side. Nice to meet you too! ❤❤

  5. I’m doing it again this year. When my determination to find time to write something in my blog wanes, NaBloPoMo really helps me have a reason to push myself to keep it together for a month, and hopefully longer after my momentum is going again. I hope NaBloPoMo continues, even as a casual cooperative effort between interested bloggers.

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