There’s An Article You Should Drop Everything And Read…

I don’t have much for you tonight.  I’ve been buried in work for 15 hours.  I didn’t even eat away from my computer today.  Ugh.


I do want to share an article with you that you should read.


Wikipedia Source

Drop everything and read this when you see it.  You can’t help but finish the article smiling and with a lighter heart.  It was shared with me by Fearless Leader of the Crochet Liberation Front, and now I share it with you.

It’s called:  I Took The Dalai Lama To A Ski Resort And He Told Me The Meaning Of Life – by Business Insider.

Do it.  It’s worth it.  I’ll probably read it again tomorrow.

It’s that good.

Sweet dreams y’all.



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7 responses to “There’s An Article You Should Drop Everything And Read…

  1. So, so happy to read your blog and see follow the link to the Dalai Lama article this morning. Was feeling grumpy, but now I’m smiling! I also appreciate the link to CLF. I was not familiar with that group and I look forward to exploring their site more. Thanks, Julia!

  2. Gina

    What a WONDERFUL article! Thanks, Julia. And it is not true that you did not have much to post for us. :>


  3. that was more than you know … thank you for hanging in ❤

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