Don’t Always Listen To Yourself

It has been one of those weeks.  It was long and tough.  In general things flowed and I closed some good ad-copy and graphic orders I really wanted to close.

But then there were the pima donnas, the babies and the bullies of the week too.  Not to mention a really unruly woman at an estate sale today.  I do not enjoy purposeful conflict, but I’m also not one to want to take it from someone’s inexcusable behavior.

I was pretty much out of patience for rude and snippy and snide today.

And I was ready to write everyone off, refuse to work one second longer and go find my cave for a while.

But tonight was Homecoming for our charter school.  And though we don’t have a real football team, or anything like that, we do have a bunch of geeky kids who volunteered to play football and help raise funds for the next senior/junior trip overseas.  My son was one of the players.

It’s cold.  It’s much frellin’ colder than what we’re used to in Austin.  Supposedly we’re going to drop from 33 to 25 tonight, with some precip.  The last thing that sounds amazing to me is sitting on frozen bleachers.  No matter how much I love my quirky kids.  And part of me didn’t want to see one more soul.  I just wanted to crawl into my cave and be ALONE.

But I went.

And I saw friends I haven’t seen in a while.   I saw teachers I really like and who I don’t get to talk to much.  We’re a close-knit school of K-12.  Many of these teachers have watched my kids grow up.

And something lifted.  Something shifted.  And by the end, I felt so much better about my week.

I’m glad I went.  And for once ignored myself in a good way.


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