Crochet Doodle: What’s On My Hook

Well, on one of my hooks anyway. It’s basically a circle surrounded by funky interconnected loops.


These loops are made by leaving the first stitch loop on the hook until the very end before working off

I’m exploring shapes for my pins right now. Hurt my hand last week trying to dismantle a bike gear for DD’s (darling daughter’s) steam punk ideas. So keeping it light. Kind of. I guess it’s a matter of opinion. I just realized this doodle would be considered advanced by international yarn standards.

Maybe I should take notes and write it down.

(Oh, the yarn is a boucle with elastic.)


Here you can kind of see the loop as it naturally sticks up. Icecream anyone?


Here's the doodle laid out with all the loops turned inside out


Here's the same doodle, with every other (inside out) loop alternated to the center


Here's the doodle with all loops right side out and "naturally" falling into place. Kind of looks like a carnation now. So much for octopod, but I think I have a new idea now that I can apply elsewhere.



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2 responses to “Crochet Doodle: What’s On My Hook

  1. Looks like a fun yarn to be playing around with!

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