Thirsty In Texas: Finally Rain!

We finally got a real rain yesterday. Not just a sprinkle or a drizzle, but actual rain.  It only lasted about for 5 minutes, but it was real and a delight!
(For those who don’t know, we’ve been in a terrible drought for months.)




This umbrella hasn't been washed in forever!


Wonder how much rain this could collect?


She loves going out in the rain. She also loves her fedora. Hence, a hoodie over the fedora with an umbrella makes sense.


A blue image creeps down the sidewalk as its sister looks on in amusement.


With a snicker, our son dons a beach towel and grabs his Nerf cannon.


I just thought this was a cool unusual shot.  The color contrast is fun!


Cannon fired! Wait, the rain's stopping?


Wait! Where'd the rain go? "That's not fair!"


Where is the rain?


Rain is gone, but she's pointing out that there are some beautiful clouds to look at.

See the contrast between the grass and the trees? The trees are green on our street because we live between two creeks with deep underground feeds. Some of the trees in this area are up to 900 years old, so I’m sure they will survive. But it has been a long drought and wild fires are eating Texas and New Mexico alive. A disaster few are talking about.

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