What Caption Would You Add To This Hilarious (Crochet) Picture?

This post was originally published Nov 6, 2010 on my other blog: The Difference Between A Duck.  I thought maybe it deserved some attention here.  Yeah, kinda makes sense.

This is a photo of Laurie Wheeler (Fearless Leader of the CLF) and I at Pinch Knitter Yarns during the Crochet Liberation Front‘s 2010 Conference/Retreat at Cama. Bill, fabulous crocheter, photographer and husband of free-form crochet designer Bonnie Pierce, was snapping photos of everyone. And this shot was in the mix!

“Good Lord,” I said when I first saw it on Facebook. “What happened to my face!”

I know what it is.  That’s the look I get on my face when I’m concentrating. And thinking back, I’m guessing I was focusing in on her words since I’ve trouble hearing in groups. But anyway, since then Laurie, Bonnie and I have supposed on what caption could be put with this photo – related to crochet, yarn, the CLF and our retreat.

"My yarn is not going to be there when I wake up, will it..."

My favorites so far are:
“You’re going to steal my yarn while I’m sleeping, aren’t you…..” and
“Seriously? Since when is there a limit of only five? I’m not giving one up!”
“I’m not hiding anything….”

Maybe: “This is not the yarn you’re looking for….?”

Bonnie added: “Yea…. I DO have enough money to pay for my cabin! You can’t make me put them back!!”

I love it! What captions would you come up with? 😀


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9 responses to “What Caption Would You Add To This Hilarious (Crochet) Picture?

  1. I don’t care if it is a magic potion, I ain’t giving up my yarn!

  2. My first impression was something along the lines of…

    “And then when I finished the squid ami I was crocheting, before I could even weave in the ends, it lunged at my face…”

  3. Kitten With A Whiplash

    ” I can’t belive this. Is she really saying that she chose the All-You-Can-Eat buffet over the All-You-Can-Crochet buffet ?!?!?” Great picture. Have you used all the yarn yet?

  4. “spill your drink on my yarn and i will beat your A@%!”
    Girl on side gasps “Oh no please dont hurt me… pleeeease!”

  5. If Laurie’s around, you might want to keep your yarn as close as possible ;D

  6. Kitten With A Whiplash

    “I don’t belive this! Is she really standing there telling me about the All-You-Can-Eat food buffet, when I’ve got to drop these off in my room and rush back to the All-You-Can-Crochet yarn buffet?!?!?”

  7. I thought “I’m taking my yarn and going home!!!”


  8. Don’t even THINK about touching my yarn until you’ve washed your hands, and maybe not even then!

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