Ever Know Someone Who Has To Be “An Expert In Everything?”

…even in fields they’ve never touched?

Our very distinguished daughter. (I love you honey…) 😉

I’m reminded of a conversation with someone once about selling the home they’d lived in for 25+ years. The owner voiced many concerns over the idea and work she wasn’t sure might need to be done or even the paperwork involved.

“Have you talked to a real estate agent? They could really help you know what you need to do and talk to you about the market right now,” I said.

“No,” she said, “I already know everything I need to know about my house and this neighborhood. There’s nothing worthwhile an agent could ever tell me.”

O_o?   Seriously?

I think my eyes glazed over right there.  I thought we were having a worthwhile discussion up until that point.

In my mind, this type of mentality is the very source of division and stagnation.  When people claim to “know” how everything works in areas they have no perspective.

There is wisdom and growth at the center of many approaches and views. Thank goodness for the experts in my life who can give me other viewpoints and ways of seeing things.  I am not eternal enough to contain all the truth and insight of the universe.  I have expertise, experience and a perspective that is very useful in many ways.   But it ain’t everything.

How about you?  Have any “know-it-all” stories?  How do you handle them?


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