And the winner of a FREE copy of “Texting Mitts” IS……?!

Happy Presidents Day week!

So last Saturday I published a review of Andee Graves new crochet book, “Texting Mitts.”  Along with that review came an opportunity to give away one free copy of the book!

In order to win, since it was Presidents’ Day Weekend after all, I chose the entry question, “If you could make a pair of fingerless mittens to give to any president in U.S. history, who would they be for and why?” 

And remember – I said the answers didn’t have to be rational, they simply had to include the name of a U.S. president!  (I even snuck in my own reference to the latest pop-culture Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  It had to be done, because I’m goofy like that!)

We got some creative answers (which I hoped people would have fun with)!  Here are some of the highlights:

From ripplestitchkin: “I’d make a pair of fingerless mitts for President Jimmy Carter. Those hands built a lot of houses for Habitat for Humanity, and they deserve a pair of cozy mitts!”

From SierraPelona: “I’d make a pair for our 19th President, Rutherford B. Hayes. Because anybody with an awesome name like Rutherford should never be without texting mitts.”

From change it up editing“George Washington (1789-1797), Thomas Jefferson (1801-09), and John Adams (1797-1801) were all avid collectors and players of marbles. What better accessory for a marble-playing president than a pair of fingerless mittens?”

And the Aberrant Crochet winner…?
………… is Janelle Meyer!

Her entry:   “I would make a pair (or two) for Franklin Delano Roosevelt with a matching lap robe for use in his wheelchair.”

I love that!  Very cool!  Thanks for all the great entries and participation everyone.  I even learned a little real trivia!

So Janelle, look for an email from me asking for your postal address so your book can be sent to you!

Now before you get all sad if you didn’t win, check out two other blogs who still have drawings running for a chance to win a free copy of Andee’s book too!

But you better hurry, because their deadlines for entry are today!  Check the following crochet blogs out for more details and two more chances to win this book!

Poetry in Yarn – enter before 11:59pm February 20th.
Cute Crochet Chat  – drawing will be February 21st.

Thanks everyone for participating in the Aberrant Crochet giveaway for Andee’s book!  Stay tuned for more news coming soon. 🙂


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