My latest hand carved crochet hooks


These are the latest of crochet hook designs I’m experimenting with. If you have not taken a class from Jimbo, I highly recommend it. He really helped remove apprehension and helped me take my very intent views on hook shape to the next level. Not to mention repair split hooks I haven’t been able to use in years.

In these examples, you can see the difference in throat lengths, point of the tips, length of the lips, etc. I made one with a flattened edge for picking up stitches as well.

Also, one of the hooks is carved from a Pei-Wei chop stick. This kind of chop stick is unique because instead of being round in diameter, they are oval. I have a theory that this flattened style may be comfortable to both saber hold as well as pencil or chop stick hold crocheters.

And side note, yes chop stick and pencil hold are different. Chop stick hold is loose and just like using a chopstick, control is gained via almost a floating partial rotation on the pads of the three middle fingers. Pencil hold is a clamp style hold and does not allow the hook to float in the fingers.

Anyway, comments on the shapes welcome!



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9 responses to “My latest hand carved crochet hooks

  1. Kat

    I like the second one up from the bottom. Did this come easy to you? I was just sitting her wondering if I could make my own crochet hooks.

    • Hi Kat,

      Thanks for your comment. It does come easy to me, but I’ve been observing and teaching about crochet hook shapes for years and I have a background working with my hands. (Even my hands get sore.) I wanted to start carving my own because as much as I love my custom hooks (from a variety of master hook makers from around the US), I still always wish I could tweak something about the shape for a particular technique, etc. And I struggle with some hook designs made for knife hold crocheters because I’m a chop-stick hold kind of gal and thumb rests for the two don’t always mix. I also love the idea of being able to create a high-quality working heirloom that can hold memories. Either way, being able to make my own leaves the quality of my hooks in my hands.

      I think like a lot of things in life, some things come easier than others. I have seen several hand made hooks I would never use, but my approach to crochet is rather different than a lot of others. And I’ve tried out hooks made by wood craftsmen who were really good at making pens, but didn’t know squiddle about making a crochet hook. So I don’t think knowing how to carve wood is what matters as much as the study of hook shape itself. I guess my point is, having all the knowledge about handling wood doesn’t matter much if the shape and condition of the produced tool isn’t right.

      I say if you have the gumption, give it a try. And better yet, if you get a chance, take a class with Jimbo. He’s a patient master who gets it.


  2. Ah you make me proud!!! You’ve done so well in such a short time! LOVE your work.

    • Aww, it’s so good to hear from you Jimbo! Miss you. I hope you had a healthy and restoring Merry Christmas with loved ones. I didn’t get to carve as much over the holidays as I’d hoped, but now that they are over, I am looking forward to getting back to it!! So what are your plans this summer? I am really hoping to bring my kids out to Cama!


  3. That is SO cool that you are making your own hooks! I’ve never heard of the chopstick hold before. I’m pretty sure I use the pencil hold, but if chopstick hold is looser, I might try it! Great job on those hooks. I think the second from the bottom is my favourite.

    • Thanks for your kind comments and for dropping by Adriene. Just stop and take a good look at your grip while you’re crocheting sometime. If it looks like you’re holding a pencil, give the looser chopstick style hold a try. Grab a pair of chopsticks even to get your hand feeling the difference. When you’re holding two chopsticks, you can’t have the death grip you can develop while using a pencil. As they kind of rotate in your finger tips you’ll feel what I’m talking about. I find this kind of crochet hook hold a lot less stressful!

      Btw, if you don’t mind – you mentioned the 2nd from the bottom being your favorite. Is it the shape of the head, or something else? Thanks for any additional input!


  4. I decided to share the operation crochet a rainbow (see : , but no way for me to find the right crochet to make the right dimensions. My sister promised to bring some from France on March,18th. I promised to make as many granny squares as I can and you gave an excellent idea. Thans so much

  5. pierre lokata

    Me too! I saw a documentary on CNN about the Missouri tornados, and it’s really, really crazy bad. Laura! I sure hope and pray you and yours are safe. What a terrible, terrible situation.

  6. based on your picture I like the top and the bottom, the bottom being my fave.