The Fruit Fly Gnat Trap – Part 2…

Because you asked…

So I perked up this morning when I came downstairs for coffee, remembering my gnat trap.  Wanting to see how many gnats it had caught.

And then my face fell.

Because I realized that I moved the trap to a cabinet far away from the fruit bowl, while trying to get a good picture.

And I forgot to put the trap back.


You’re supposed to place the trap wherever the gnats are frequenting.  And I’d left the thing over by the mostly empty dry cat food dish.

On top of that, an actual cold front moved in last night and we accidentally left a window open downstairs.  It was super chilly (might get our first freeze this weekend), so there wasn’t a gnat to be seen in the air.

I checked the dish and sure enough, nothing new.

I was in a hurry this morning (crazy day), and the high was supposed to be in the 70’s, so I put the trap back together, stuck it by the trash can and rushed out the door.

When I got home tonight, I was pleased to find 11 little gnat bodies floating in the trap! Not sure if you can see them well, but check out the picture below.

So I’d say this is definitely working!

I’ve placed the trap again (by the fruit bowl) and we’ll see if it gets anymore overnight!

If you want to get one of your own, find it on Amazon here.




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3 responses to “The Fruit Fly Gnat Trap – Part 2…

  1. Doug

    Thanks for the update, hoping you might have another in a day or two more? It looks promising!

  2. This one time, while my husband was killing mosquitoes, I asked my mother-in-law if we were interfering with the mosquitoes’ karma or destiny. She replied, “Inside the house? No. OUTSIDE the house? Yes.”

    Even in India* when it comes to bugs, it is an act of war for bugs to cross the threshold and enter their homes:)

    *Obviously, my in-laws are not Jains–that’d be a whole ‘nother experience!

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