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Your Age Is Not Relevant – Crochet Ruminations

There are plenty of hobbyists who have crocheted for a very long time when they think of start dates to present.  However, it’s a little tiring when someone like me gets a lecture about crochet from someone, just because they are older.  When I know for a fact they’ve never lived and breathed the art as I, they’ve never explored their skills the same, nor taken the risks I have. And I’m pretty sure if we added hour for hour, effort for effort, my “crochet age” would likely dwarf theirs in a second.

I’m just excited when others are crocheting.  I don’t care if they’re as fanatical about it as I or not.  But I don’t appreciate being talked down to, simply on the basis of age and with nothing to do with skill.

I don’t know why crocheters do this to each other at all.  Painters don’t do this.  They recognize artists wherever they are on the time line.  Potters don’t do this.  At least not in my art circles.  But crocheters (and knitters) will.

Age alone does not equal knowledge and skill.


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