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I Made A Piano Bench! :)



I made a piano bench for my baby grand piano today!  If you follow my blog, you know I’m also a pianist who aspires to become a piano technician someday.  I’ve already played around with fixing my antique upright.  But today I made a bench for my antique baby grand which came to me without one.  Making a bench alone doesn’t have a lot to do with piano tech work (ok it can if you are restoring), but I’m excited because it’s been needed, I love my baby and I finally found just the means for what I wanted to do.

Earlier this week I found a bench minus the seat, along with about 6 yards of beautiful turquoise velvet corduroy “braid” fabric at our local thrift store that benefits our food pantry. All those years watching Christopher Lowell’s show when the kids were little paid off! Ages ago he demonstrated how to turn a coffee table into an upholstered ottoman.  Well, someone gave me an old couch cushion this morning and I was in business!  I probably should have stopped and took pictures of each stage, but I was just so excited and into the project, I was pretty consumed once it got started.

Not too shabby! 😀



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