The Kung Fu-Tai Chi Nationals

Well, this year we had steeper competition.

Our daughter moved to the advanced division of competitors, which pitted her against teens with higher belts than her green. She took a silver in Shuai Chiao wrestling. So not as many medals as last year, but she worked hard.

Our son advanced from beginner to intermediate. He won gold in the same event he did last year, but this time he really had to work for it! He competed against some kids from FL and CA who had some impressively presented forms. Seriously sharp kids with snappy forms. But he took a gold in foam sword fighting again, in spite of some excellent opposition. What a goofy kid! And he was out there grinning ear to ear and having fun the entire time.

It was a long day, but all in all an excellent showing of some fantastic martial artists. Makes me think, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get back into staff and knife fighting again….. Pretty soon, my kids will be big enough to practice with! (Well, for me, that is…..)


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