Giant Crochet Spider Web Pattern…

I am working on my Giant Crochet Spider Web pattern for you folks. This is the kind that can be made up to many feet wide to display in your yard, or a large space. I hope to have it ready to list in my Etsy store this weekend.

Advantages to this design are its durability over most crochet designs, while at the same time, not becoming too bulky or using mass amounts of yarn to achieve this strength.

This spider web pattern utilizes unconventional stitches outside mainstream crochet, which will likely cause it to have an “advanced” crochet skill rating according to the international standard guidelines. However, I believe these unconventional stitches will be easy enough to learn for most folks and are somewhat repetitious.

So stayed tuned for photos and the pattern listing!

Also, watch for a series of spider web umbrellas to be released as well! These umbrellas are a limited run. (I only have so many umbrellas to make these with and only so many webs can be made per week anyway!) So once they are up, grab what you want, because they will be limited this year. Price range for spider web umbrellas depend largely on complexity of the web design and time involved, after consideration of supply cost for the umbrellas themselves. Average time to create a single fairly straight forward spider web umbrella is about 3 hours. Careful handwork in securing the spider web to the umbrella and weaving in several feet of ends is a significant part of the time in my process as well, again depending on complexity of the design. I like to leave several feet for the tails to add to the durability and long-term strength of my crochet webs.

UPDATE: You can find my regular spider web pattern (pdf file) for sale in my Etsy store here:



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  2. Wendy

    I saw this post about the crochet spider web pattern and was wondering if you posted the pattern somewhere for others to use. If so could you send me the link so I could use it this year as a decoration for our halloween gathering.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for your visit to my blog! This pattern is currently in its final development stages. I did not finish the pattern in time for Halloween last year due to discovery that apparently I had invented some completely new stitches which required better explanation. With the help of a colleague, I will be producing some instructional videos by the end of next month.

      The pattern will however be available soon after my last adviser looks it over. As a suite of variations, it will be available for $8 in PDF format in my store at As a collection, it will cover construction, as well as sizes and variations in structure and display.

      Were you interested in this pattern for it’s strength in use as a large web for yard display? Or were you looking for something smaller to use indoors?

      I look forward to your reply. And thanks again for your visit to my blog at Aberrant Crochet!


      (I will send a copy of this answer with more detail to your email address as well.)

      • Wendy

        Looking to use it as a decoration in a haunted house. So we want it to be large but not too large.

        • Hi Wendy,

          I’m sorry that I missed seeing your reply. I do have a variable spider web pattern designed more for indoor use for sale. It is a smaller 9 radial design which can be customized up to about 5-6 feet in diameter depending on your tension, and it uses more conventional stitches. Would that size range suit your purposes? I don’t have the listing up yet in my store, but it runs $6.50. I’ve been so busy lately working on the pattern for my larger outdoor version that I haven’t paid attention to listing the smaller versions I have yet. Anyway, I’ll see if I can get the indoor spider web listing up this weekend and send you a link to it.

          Thanks again for your inquiry!


        • Hi Wendy,

          I now have the smaller pattern listed in my store. You can find it here: Thanks again for your visit.


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