My Latest Crochet Collection – Teddy Bear Hats for Toddlers….

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Well, I figured I’d share with you guys the collection of crochet I’ve been working on of late. These are my latest designs specifically for the toddler/preschool sized head. I’m putting together a collection of items to go in a local gift store and I have a custom order with some special considerations, so it was good timing for the two right now. These are all created from some of the softest fibers I’ve worked with and with the exception of one hat in this collection so far, out of fibers that are no longer available. The bows you see are not permanently attached to the hats yet, just in case my customers do not want a bow, with the exception of the orange hat, which I have already permanently secured. It has a blend made with a very unusual fiber that happens to be the softest of the bunch. The glass globe you see is the perfect size to display these.

Hopefully these designs will be just the thing for each of my customers!

Baby Blue Bear Pink Bow 2 Baby Blue Bear Pink Bow

Black Brown Bear 2

Black Brown Bear 3

Blue White Green Pink Bear 2

Blue White Green Pink Bear

Orange Bear Pink Bow 2

Orange Bear Pink Bow

Pink Green White Bear Pink Bow 2

Pink Green White Bear Pink Bow



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4 responses to “My Latest Crochet Collection – Teddy Bear Hats for Toddlers….

  1. Ali

    Hey, cute hats! I love making hats too 🙂

  2. nonov

    I love your orange and pink bear hat. If you would make one for a teenagers head, how much would it cost and where would I be able to buy it?

  3. nonov

    would I be able to buy it online, is what I meant. or where is your store? it might be in my location.

    • Hi Nonov,

      Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind compliments on my work! The orange and pink hat in that series of toddler hats was my favorite too!

      Yes, I do have an online store at: I also sell locally in the Austin, TX area. You will see some examples of various ear hats for sale in my online store. I have not listed all my current product because I am also getting ready for some juried artisan shows, which is my main market (plus Halloween). But I’d be happy to send you photos of anything you’d like to see that’s not already listed. You can also find more photos in my gallery collection at:

      About 1/3 of my business comes from custom orders, so yes, we could absolutely set up an order for you if you like and for just about any type of ear shape on a hat you like as well. Right now is the best time to schedule a custom order. The closer we get to the fall holidays the busier it gets. My annual cut-off deadline for all custom orders is Thanksgiving weekend.

      Custom orders are handled through the custom order listings in my Etsy store. Or we can set up a special reserved listing specifically for you. Teen/adult ear hats start at $40 depending on what they are made of and how many fibers.

      For the sake of my customers, I will often have custom listings for various prices because some wish to work within a certain budget, so the listings are set up for whatever price cap on how much or how expensive the fibers for their customer order we use are. For obvious reasons Cashmere, Baby Alpaca and such increase the cost, as do extra elements like brims, embroidery, etc..

      I hope this answers your questions. I look forward to hearing from you! And thanks again for your visit to my blog at Aberrant Crochet!


      (I will send a copy of this answer with more detail to your email address as well.)