My Next Flapper Purse in Silk

I still have to find the right purse frames and clasps for the flapper purses I’m working on. But here’s the latest “Mr. Right Now” project I’m working on. This particular fringe is harder to work with and more elaborate than the last and the construction is very slow going. It’s a lovely rust made in India.
The purse is constructed of the same brand of silk fiber in this purse as the previous purse, except in an amazingly matched (to the fringe) rust. This is more of that 70% silk/30% nylon yarn called Contrasto (made in Italy) that I’d been trying to figure out what to do with. It’s a yarn that is actually a knit tube in design. Yarn descriptions have described this yarn as woven, but it is truly a knit tube. Refer to my post on Dec 8th here for more details and back story:
This purse will be larger however, and I’ve already had to begin a 2nd ball of silk in the construction so far. I am hoping that this purse will be deep enough to hide away a small book as well as a wallet. This particular beaded fringe, as mentioned previously, is a beauty made in India and sports ribbon covered beads in the tassel design. About 8 yards of it will finish this purse at $8/yd (my cost). This fringe is called Jhalar, meaning “tassel and trimmings,” and is a type of interlaced, braided and fringed trimmings that traditionally have been used to enhance window decor. They were quite popular in the Victorian era and of course are making a refined come back today in a variety of ways, including as elements in our beloved steam punk genre. And worked into this purse, well… it’s just awesome!
Remember that golden rod satin I thought about lining the other purse with? It’s going to line this rust one instead. Which is rather appropriate since the tassel and trimmings are from India as well! The rust and the rich goldenrod play beautifully together. Though unfortunately, my new camera phone tends to cheat the yellows of their glory. I also found in my stash of goodies from my grandmother just the perfect shade of slate blue velvet for the lining of the other flapper purse (which I can’t finish until I find just the right clasp). So I’m thrilled to have found all this and been able to put it together out of my own sewing and yarn stash, no longer lurking in the back recesses of my cabinets and closets and ready to not just come out into the daylight, but in the end, ready to go out for a party! I have a third one to give a try after I get this one done as well. Photos pending once under way.
So right now for this purse, my material costs are already about $100. I expect my material cost to increase another $25-30 by the completion.  And it’s a larger purse than the other one as well.  Definitely swanky for special occasions!  I’m really rather proud!



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