Flapper Purse in Silk UPDATE!


It’s coming along! Playing with ideas. I haven’t tied it off yet and it’s not sewn, but this is the frame I think I’ll use. Still need to line it. I have a slate blue velvet for that.

You can read more about this purse here:  https://aberrantcrochet.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/beaded-flapper-purse-in-silk/.

You can read more about my other silk purse in rust here: https://aberrantcrochet.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/my-next-flapper-purse-in-silk/



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7 responses to “Flapper Purse in Silk UPDATE!

  1. Wow – what an exquisite project!

  2. Emily

    Lovely! We’ll be knitting with the alpacas again soon – wish you could visit 🙂

    • Hey Emily!

      I wish I could visit soon too. I’m hoping we can make a summer trip with the kids. If not, probably won’t be back until December. Sadly, hubby was just up in Prescott last weekend, but I couldn’t go. 😦 Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for leaving a note! 🙂


  3. Emily

    Do drop us a line over in Prescott knitters if you come up this summer – we’d love to see you again (perhaps you can talk the family into coming up for wwkip at the farmer’s market) 🙂

  4. I love the old timey type closure on this bag! So much to love about this. I think the blue tiger’s eye beads are really lovely! I need to learn that texture stitch!

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