Project Mr. Right Now: Vintage Jewelry Renewed in Crochet

I love to take vintage jewelry and give it new life and enthusiasm by combining it with crochet embellishment. Sometimes I do this by recreating them into a new piece of jewelry, like a necklace, but they also make wonder hat pins for my hats.  These are some of the latest vintage finds I’m brainstorming with. Except in the case of broken jewelry (or lone earrings), I prefer to keep the original jewelry piece intact, so no chance of destroying a future collectible. Pictured here: an emerald green rhinestone flower/circle pin, a gold earring turned into a button and an ornate square enamel pin. We’ll see what all I come up with.





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3 responses to “Project Mr. Right Now: Vintage Jewelry Renewed in Crochet

  1. Really great projects! I’ve been working on some ideas for repurposing old necklaces with crochet embellishments but haven’t actually produced much yet. Fun to play with for sure.

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