Meet the Goblins…

I started making a fun series of completely One-Of-A-Kind crochet “Goblin Hats.” And since I love to create with words as well as my hands, I started writing down the little stories that came to mind as I explored the personalities of each little “Goblin” in the making. So here are a few of them – see what you think!

The Bubblegum Goblin

The Bubble Gum Goblin is a joyful little beast whose diet consists of jawbreakers, lollipops and of course bubble gum marbles. It can be seen on occasion eating flowers for their rich colorful flavors. A creature of pure giggles and sunshine, it can’t help but infect its host and passerby’s with smiles on end.

The Cotton Candy Goblin

The Cotton Candy Goblin is a silly little beastie born under an Aquarius moon. Fearless, and addicted to enthusiasm (and arguably a sugar rush or two for good measure), you just never know what this surprising little goblin will do with a caramel café mocha and a double shot of espresso.

The Christmas Goblin loves the winter holidays, what with the long nights and colorful lights. Adorned in crimson and multicolor fashion, it can be found living up the night life while sipping hot peppermint cocoa and shopping for poinsettias. A beastie of distinguished taste, the Christmas Goblin is both stylish and fun. (Unfortunately, this one sold before I could get a photo of it first.)

The Spring Goblin

The Spring Goblin is a sing-songy little beast, hiding out in the tulips and lounging in the daffodils. Gentle and caring, this creature loves gardens

The Cinnamon Goblin - Sold

and all the delights that come with them. Sun-shiny and fun, this goblin can be found tending new growth, and frog-hopping with faeries.

The Cinnamon Goblin is a spicy little beastie, born under a Scorpio moon. Sly and chic, adorned in crimson and indigo, it is a creature of the Twilight. Hiding a cunning intellect under its quirky sense of humor, it can be found sipping martinis and dancing the Salsa, all the while planning world domination. (Now sold.)


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