Vintage Finds Slated For New Life

Some of my latest finds. A couple will take up residence with the costume gallery. The rest will go into my store.  I’ll have fun figuring out how I want to enhance or embellish with crochet.  Though I pick up vintage pieces with all this in mind, I also usually bring everything to shows and will put into my store when I haven’t gotten to them yet.  I can only work so fast with my two hands, so I’ll toss a coin and see what gets attention first.  If it disappears from my listings, it probably means I’m working with it.  Unless it’s show-time.  Everything in my on-line store goes with me to shows.


Such fun goodies!


The curl is interesting. My daughter has another stamped with the brand name "Monet." This one looks older and has no stamp at all. I think I want to have an expert look at it.


The grape pearl cluster is a neat find! Also pictured is a lone earring that lost its partner. It shall become a pendant for one of my crochet chokers.


This owl pendant is a good 5 inches long! I'm going to have so much fun with this one.


The cross is definitely going into the costume collection at home. Love the faded ribbon and tarnished brass. Haven't decided on the olive suede thong necklace.


All my Xmas trees sold last winter, so I was happy to find another. Popular holiday gift. And I love the coin montage.


I'm thinking the Texas star is mine. The ring is missing pearls, however, the two left leave it balanced and it still looks cute. That sun pin is heavy-duty and will look great as a center piece on a hat.



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3 responses to “Vintage Finds Slated For New Life

  1. Lots of fun vintage finds. Nice. Can’t wait to see you soon. A

  2. i can’t believe that i have a lot of the same jewelry components that you pictured! they’re so much fun to work with. i’d love to see what you turn them into.
    jd in st louis

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